I have to start this out with 1 simple thing, Yoga and the practice of yoga should never be a chore it should be something that you look forward to something that soothes your mind, body, and spirit with the mere thought of beginning your practice if this isn’t the case then you have not found the style or nurturing environment that suits you.

Yoga can be for everyone and my suggestion to you would be to research the styles of yoga available and see which one suits your way of thinking. There are so many types out there just to name a few you have straight out Hatha the original beautiful style, Yin yoga which is deep, relaxing and restorative focusing on tendons and fascia instead of muscle, vinyasa and quicker paced style and hot yoga (is as it sounds). For myself, I both teach and practice Yin Yoga for the lovely slowness the meditative relaxation of the style but within my classes, I flow with a Hatha base which gives a touch of Yin but gives everyone that yang based muscle movement they love.

Once you have found the style you would like to try but are not sure as to how or if you want to try a class at a studio check it out on YouTube or buy, rent or borrow a DVD. If you do decide to go to a studio please please please never watch anyone but the teacher as they are doing their own thing and you really need to focus on yourself. Remember that everyone that is in that studio is doing their practice for their own reason and they may have been practising for years, been an athlete, gymnast, dancer or are just very flexible. Either way, your practice is your own. For what it’s worth when I first started yoga some 25years ago I couldn’t even touch my toes and I certainly couldn’t do a backbend.

Be gentle with yourself and love the body you are in , surrender to the Beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous person you are.

Namaste for now 

Yoga and I go way back, my fascination started back in the 80’s when there was a story on sixty minutes featured Buddhist priests in India levitating, it was amazing. I have to tell you from then until I was well in my early teens I sat on my bed repeating over and over I can float, I can float ( Never happened).

After many junior years trying to accomplish what I had seen some of these yogis do I started to study yoga ( many other things as well) I checked out what I heard about Ashtanga it didn’t float my boat, then Vinyasa a bit quick for me, then I flowed in and out of varying styles and spiritual aspects.

From my late teens the to mid-twenties I had found a fantastic swami that visited from India/America he was an American Indian who travelled all over the world spreading his spiritual wisdom and yogic wisdom he taught me everything that he could cram into my head over the few years he stayed. His name is Two Feathers and he gave me my spiritual Indian animal the otter ( totally bummed by that really thought I was mature but apparently just a hard working fun lover).

From here I moved from Newcastle NSW into the bush where I met my now husband and embarked on creating the wonderful family we have (5 kids) he encouraged me to follow the dream I had always harboured and done my fitness instructors certification which allowed me to flow into yoga as a teacher. I have since gone back due to the need for a piece of paper and get my level 1 teacher training and am now finishing my level 2 with Yin Yoga as my specialization.

I am now working as a yoga teacher in Glen Innes NSW every Sunday which allows me to be a better mother and wife due to the flow of asana and meditation we go through. I also hold relaxing and nurturing Yoga-Meditation days in both Glen Innes and Grafton every year which is a full day of beautiful Yin yoga and recovery meditation.

To end this on a wonderful note I am incredibly happy with the family I have, the job I do and the life I live. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and find that beautiful life that you have. Stay beautiful and smile.



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