Call for assistance… HELP

have you ever had a venture that you need a little startup help with? well that’s us, we have started our new website to produce videos, pods, blogs and some live on all things related to Yoga, Bees & Beekeeping, and self sufficient living within our lives.

so this is our call for assistance. you are amazing for doing this and you have our devoted gratitude and massive thanks.

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Good Food for Good Health

With good food comes good health, with good health come and energetically aware body, mind and spirit.

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Yoga at home 🏡 

Is it easy to start a new regime? is it easy to get fitter than you where yesterday? is it easy to become healthier than the week before?. Yeah it is and you know why because you decided you want to. To many people make a big deal about life changes, once you decided to […]

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Yoga every damn day 

If you have never tried Yoga I have to let you in on a massive secret, it’s the biggest natural high you will experience without throwing yourself off a bridge with a rope around your ankles. If you have tried yoga and hated it then here is the secret to it sucking for you, you […]

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Yoga, Fitness & Life

Simple, real person on lifes journey with #yoga #meditation #fitness and #family

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