What’s your perfect life?

What’s your idea of the perfect lifestyle? Mine is a mix of family, Bees, yoga, self sufficiency and friends. I reckon if you get the balance good your bound to be happy. If you had a choice to make your perfect life what would it be? What order would you place your priorities in? We […]

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Call for assistance… HELP

have you ever had a venture that you need a little startup help with? well that’s us, we have started our new website to produce videos, pods, blogs and some live on all things related to Yoga, Bees & Beekeeping, and self sufficient living within our lives.

so this is our call for assistance. you are amazing for doing this and you have our devoted gratitude and massive thanks.

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Goats for milking

Self sufficiency is all about growing and living a lifestyle that you can support without much aid from the supermarkets. It’s also about gaining nutritional benefits of that lifestyle and not sacrificing flavour for convenience. Come along and explore what you can add to you life in a simple yet effective way that boosts not only your families nutrition but also their natural health physically, emotionally and spiritually through gardens, yoga and fun.

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002. Cool little creative -coffee hub

The search for a great little alternative coffee shop that is family friendly, unique and has amazing variety is hard to find but the one that I spied today is all the above and more… total score

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Creating a self sufficient lifestyle.

Enjoy the self sufficient lifestyle as we cruise through spring growing fabulous food, and enjoying nutritional feasts

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Good Food for Good Health

With good food comes good health, with good health come and energetically aware body, mind and spirit.

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