What’s your perfect life?

What’s your idea of the perfect lifestyle? Mine is a mix of family, Bees, yoga, self sufficiency and friends. I reckon if you get the balance good your bound to be happy. If you had a choice to make your perfect life what would it be? What order would you place your priorities in? We […]

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Beekeeping. From bust to boom and back again.

When you think of honey 🍯 what’s going through your head? Natural, organic, Australian, imported. How do you choose the honey you get for you and your family? Let us know what’s important for you when you purchase honey!

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Call for assistance… HELP

have you ever had a venture that you need a little startup help with? well that’s us, we have started our new website to produce videos, pods, blogs and some live on all things related to Yoga, Bees & Beekeeping, and self sufficient living within our lives.

so this is our call for assistance. you are amazing for doing this and you have our devoted gratitude and massive thanks.

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Outback travelling with the beekeeper.

When you live with a beekeeper you become aware of just how fragile the natural environment is, when you have a family with a beekeeper you begin to realise that life is full off travel, excitement and camping out. Come along for this fabulous journey to Australia’s outback.

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