8 limbs of Yoga

Anyone who does yoga probably already knows that there are 8 limbs of yoga, but does everyone understand what they are and what they mean?

Like everything in life there are codes, well the 8 limbs are what yogis call the codes of life.

Firstly we have the Yamas. These are what I call the morales of basic existence. These observances keep harmony and peace within our relationship to the world. There are 5 levels of these starting with Ahimsa, this means not to harm anyone, anything or yourself in any way. This is not just physical but emotionally and spiritually. Basically be nice, kind , caring and forgiving without predjudice and if you are a meat eater just be respectful of the life that was given to nourish yours.

Satya is truth, not only with others but with yourself. Let’s face it you can’t be honest with others if you first aren’t honest with yourself. The truth can sometimes hurt but if said with love and not malice and you are authentic with it people will always understand ( maybe not right away).

Asteya is non attachment, you can have things but when you become so attached that it runs your life it can be toxic to your health and spirituality. All we have to remember is that nothing in life is permanent but gratitude is eternal. So be grateful for the wonderful things in your life and appreciate the wonderful life you have always remembering that nothing is permanent.

Brachmacharya means walking with god, this is the one that asks us to be aware of the sacredness of life and appreciate the beauty of everything that god, universe, spiritual realm has given us for today. To appreciate this we try and practice living without excess, and loving each moment as a holy and spiritual experience.

Aparigraha asks us to travel or pack lightly as we travel throughout life, letting go of ownership and loving everything in the moment. Don’t try and control everything just surrender to life and with the previous yamas you can really start to love life.

The Niyamas are the ones that allow us to be conscious in our own lives where the Yamas are making us socially conscious. There is also a few layers of this one just like the Yamas.

Saucha is the invitation to purity of the mind, body and spirit it encourages or invites us to cleanse and remove the heaviness in our lives the clutter in our spaces ( home, mind ) and to rid ourselves of distractions.

Santosha is honesty and emotional acceptance this is were accept that we don’t need whatever it is that we really want in this moment and being honest with ourselves about it. This asks us to open our hearts and accept and be grateful for for our current lives and not strive to add misery to ourselves by wanting more all the time as it is only the idea of the thing, item , object that we like and think will make us happy but once we have it we start to want “need” something else. Basically we make ourselves miserable but wanting more.

Well I will continue these later.


Children and yoga

Children can make your yoga practice an absolute laugh, they have their own styles and as long as you take the boss out of yourself you will find that this is a wonderful way to release your inner child.

Your inner child will help you to be freer and add a freshness to your practice it will also help you realise that yoga is not meant to be torture but a wonderful expression of your spiritual and physical self. 

I have a lot of mothers say that they find it hard to do a yoga practice with their children around and I always answer the same, stop over thinking and remember why you had children and how much fun you used to dream about being. Now think of who you are now, are you trying to hard to live up to social expectations of motherhood and racing around madly cleaning or are you spending the precious moments that are yours now. Always remember that your babies grow up really quickly and then they are gone and unfortunately all you have left is regrets that you should have , could have , would have.

Grab your mat, let your children interact, and enjoy the moment as you can always do the serious yoga later but, you can’t get your children’s youth back..

Stay beautiful,


Blog of a Yoga Hippy

This is the first blog of my entire life, actually its the first time I have written, typed of expressed publicly my thoughts but, hear I am on this computer typing away knowing full well that I have atrocious punctuation and grammar.

Well so you know I am currently no age and teach yoga and specifically Yin Yoga, I am passionate about peace, harmony, and the feminine soul and am 100% positive that I am a very biased mother of 5 children, 1- 18yr old , then 5,4,3,and 9 mths and am I really sure that I will never have another child….no way as they are so cute and sweet that I can excuse the temper tantrums especially when they say “hug mummy” when they know that they are in trouble.

I have been told I can sound like am giving a lecture and as I am typing instead of speaking I guess you all have escaped this problem. I do occasionally have alot to say depending on whats happening or not at the same time I can also go MIA for an extended period….life is not always that exciting.

So write now I am finishing my level 2 teacher training and am a qualified Yin Yoga level 1 yoga teacher ( certified) I have been practicing for over 25+ years and was trained whilst I was young long before paper certifications where needed. yoga has helped me in the birthing of all 5 of my children along with physical injuries that life has given me ( stupidity).

I am not a vegan but am a vegetarian that listens to my body as to what it needs. I also have to say I do not impose my vegetarianism on my family I believe that every ones body is different and what works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. We all have different body types physical differences and energy requirement and I am not a medical or Ayuvendic practitioner and therefore have no rights to force my eating on others. Equally I am a vegetarian due to medical reasons as well as choice ( crohns sufferer) meat and gluten have never agreed with me since I was 12.

I wish this to be a great place for people to enjoy and ask questions or comment freely on subjects we speak about. This is a place for everyone to feel accepted for who they are and not critiqued for what they appear to others not to do correctly. This is a site that is for nurturing and caring for each other.

so If you can get past the bad grammar, atrocious punctuation and the lack of occasional spelling mistakes also the times when I do the MIA thing then you will see that what I have written is from the heart and a passion for family,  yoga and meditation the practice that helps make our lives infinitely more spiritual and creates a nurturing environment for ourselves and family members. Om Shanti

Love ‘n’ Light


Merry Christmas 🎄 

There is nothing better that having a beautiful Christmas, wether alone or with people it is a great time to get in touch with the genuine authentic you. 

I want to wish everyone out there a massive merry Christmas filled with amazing amounts of love and light. Thanks to you all for the blessings of your company and I look forward to seeing you all in wonderful 2017.

Stay beautiful and safe.

Amrita Sundri (Megen) 

Namaste 🙏🏻 

It’s NOT ok to suffer

Ahimsa, this is the code that all yogis, Buddhist and Hindus live by this means that you do know harm to yourself or anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in his world that do not live by this code and therefore believe it is ok for them to belittle, and verbally if not physically abuse others including their partners. This behaviour is NOT ok and no one should ever have to feel like they are in danger of physical or mental torture.

I am a massive believer in love and friendship and encourage all women to love themselves and know that they are beautiful and feminine beings with personalities that is unique to them. I also want all women to understand that they are sisters and we should support each other not drag each other down with bitchy nastiest that we so often engage in.

It is absolutely terrifying to find out that a friend and beautiful spiritual women and sister has become a victim to domestic violence. Luckily for her she has escaped before it became physical. But wether physical or mental abuse is abuse and its not okay to feel shamed, terrified and horrible you should feel loved, beautiful, and feminine as you are all of these things you are a goddess and should feel free to flow with the beauty of life.

Please all my wonderful sisters out there be ready to support not criticise our fellow sisters, become the sisterhood that we are meant to be. Love, beauty, serenity, peace, surrender are all part of this  beautiful spiritual healing energy that we can enjoy and share with our wonderful sisters.

Stay beautiful 😘

Namaste 🙏🏻

When the vibrations align ðŸ•‰â˜®ï¸

Vibrations are a high part of our lives wether we realise or not, they help us to cope make us secure in ourselves and are the essence of our true natures, when out of alignment they make us suffer with anxiety, stress and a feeling of hopelessness we become unable to cope with our daily lives and our wonderful personalities become blended and confused, we are no longer the person that we where born to be.

As someone who has been in a position where I did everything to please others I understand how confused you become and how when you think that you are just avoiding pain for yourself and others by doing things that are against your true nature you cause more pain for yourself, sure you are in fact pleasing the other person but at a great loss to yourself as you begin to feel an emptiness and slowly become resentful and even anxious you don’t want to say NO so you start to hide from others.

Overtime you become a shell where people can take from you but nothing ever fills your heart with happiness, but instead anxiousness, you can become so disalusioned that you become depressed.

When you finally realise that this is happening you can start by repairing your energies and vibrations, yes it will take time and yes it can be painful and distressing but in the end you will feel light and a freedom that is wonderful and beautiful. Start small and slowly cutting certain things(people) out of your life that you call all the time but they NEVER call you, we all have them so start to clean them out of your life, slowly clean up your social network pages there is definitely people there that have not contacted you in years and are only there to increase your friend status and theirs. Surrender to this slowly and you will start to feel better than you have in years.

Once you start to take control of your life in this way you will find it easier and easier, always remember that others want like this as their doormat is leaving and they will put up a fight especially takers they always do, so be strong and realise you don’t have to defend yourself to them( they want to you).

Be beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, amazing and fantastically you. You are the only one of you so surrender to yourself and except the person you where born to be and don’t be sorry for being you.

🕉☮️ sorry for the poor grammar and punctuation but this is me and overtime I have excepted this.


Stay beautiful and gorgeous 💋💋☯️❤️❤️☯️

Yoga hippy beach paradise 

I am definitely the beach loving Yoga Hippy, when you can wake up and have the wonderful view of the beach outside your balcony doors, hear the sound all night feel that gorgeous sea breeze. It doesn’t get much better.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE where I live and work but the softness of the moving water is amazing.

Stay beautiful everyone and have a fabulous week 🕉☮️

Novembers 2016 yoga day

Rani and myself at the Glen Innes community centre

It was a fantastic day at the November 2016 yoga and meditation day. We had a fabulous Yin Yoga session followed by a wonderful morning tea of fresh seasonal fruit and a wonderful orange tea cake then a lovely Hatha flow yoga session to fire up our digestion. After a gorgeous lunch ( with a massive thanks to Robyn for the beautiful food) we headed into a deep restorative meditation where emotion of all kind was encouraged. 

It was an amazing day that was super enjoyable, relaxing and nurturing. Thank you to everyone for blessing me with your wonderful present and I look forward to seeing you all over again. Om 🕉Shanti☮️. 

Namaste 🙏🏻❤️

Femininity without media influence

Our beautiful feminine logo,   This represents everything that naturally fit bodies wants to portray. You know what, the media has made us all so insecure about who we are and I am well aware that what I am about to say will come across as a feminist rant but, I am ok with that because its all true. If you are not skinny (size8) photoshopped (famous,), or in yoga bending like a pretzel you are inadequate. This is not true you should NEVER have to feel like crap for being the beautiful women you are. we really do have to remember that the people in the magazines do have cellulite, are photoshopped to make them look perfect and do get wrinkles like the rest of us. The media is the one that has decided that we need touching up not us. Go back a few years ago when Jamie Lee Curtis did a photo shoot for I think woman’s day ( or something like that) she decided to show all women out there what she really looked like. So she went ahead with the shoot on the proviso that they did a natural and photoshopped version, oh and guess what she looked like the rest of us in the before, Thanks Jamie Lee Curtis. So my message is to embrace and surrender to your beautiful self, accept it , embrace it, love it as NO one is more beautiful, wonderful and as feminine as you. xxx Om Shanti.




Yoga & Meditation day February 18th 2017

Our first wonderful yoga -meditation day for 2017 is in Grafton NSW. With all of our fantastic events we only have limited numbers available so we do advise booking and paying early to avoid missing out as our waiting lists do add up quickly.

Yin yoga with Hatha influences relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body. Yin is practiced in a relaxed environment and doesn’t focus on postural correctness as much as comfort and recovery, this form of yoga is slow and mediative. we stay in each of the asanas(postures) for 5-7minutes which allows the whole body to fully relax giving it time to work on the tendons and fasciae rather than the muscle.

Yin asanas are not standing postures these are postures that are for finding stillness, staying in balance and cooling the body. Yang asanas are mostly standing asanas these are referred to as masculine or Yang which relates to movement or heating the body. Yin is the feminine form (seated).

Yin yoga comes from the taoist  tradition and when you finish a fabulous Yin class you walk away looking and feeling wonderfully zonked.

I look forward to catching up with everyone on the day, and please remember we will have a fabulous lunch created by the wonderful Rani to help us feel light and energised. for more information please email me or call all numbers and contacts are on the NFBodies Facebook page. or send me the below form.

Have a fab week beautiful.

Namaste 🙂 Read More

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