New solar system

Our solar system crapped out so it’s time for a new one and as we are totally off grid kinda emergency don’t ya think! I do otherwise we will be spending loads of money running a generator that clacks away morning, noon and night, annoyed much!.

So today’s job was borrowing our ever suffering neighbours bobcat and tractor plus and extra set of hands to remove these 3000kg batteries (12 in total) not a mean feat since they where in a brick shed with a slight boggy problem at the front door that bogged the bobcat on the first battery.

Inevitably they where all removed down to the front gate ready for the solar guys to bring pallets and shrink wrap for pick up the nested day.

Today’s job, load the batteries onto the truck with the tractor. ( not as easy as it sounds) tractors are no forklift, less movement, less turning more bulky.

So job done and filmed some of it as it happened.

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Yoga in the Veggie patch.

I know, I know the title sounds a little crazy but, what can I say when the need arises the best thing to do is go with it.

That is exactly what happened today, I totally needed and wanted to do yoga whilst pulling weeds from the veggie patch. I think it had to do with the grounding influence of being hands deep in dirt and I’m pretty sure that the earth new I needed to just chill and stop over thinking everything.

So there I was jeans, singlet top, boots and over shirt on with my hair just a little wildly stuffed up in a bun with more grey hair then I like to admit flying hap hazard around in a frizzy nightmare due to the humidity starting to do some yoga in between the corn bed and the cucumbers. Starting with a lovely salute to the sun ๐ŸŒž followed by a fabulous impromptu flow of my own finishing in a fantastic Savasana.

Yeah, sounds a little crazy and of course I wasn’t wearing any yoga clothes that you would expect and I certainly didn’t look anything like you see in the mags but, I felt amazing and my four beautiful children thought that mummy was just crazy enough to be fun.

So will I be doing this extra curricular again? Hell yeah, totally rocked an I haven’t felt this awesome for a few weeks so you can bet I will be back to weed the veggies again.

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Call for assistance… HELP

Hello fellow WordPress crew. We have launched a patreon Page that will be posting videos, podcasts, some live, and blogs on YOGA, Bees & Beekeeping and self sufficient living in rural NSW.

” In case you’re wondering, patreon is a simple way to contribute to our videos, podcasts, blogs every month and get super cool, exclusive rewards in return! ”

For as little as $1 per month you get access to our patron only blogs and for as little as $5 per month you can access all our videos online.

Could I please ask you all to share this with other amazing people like you so that we can get this fabulous venture up and running.

You are have our gratitude and thanks for this awesome amount of help.

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Product review 003: Asana Rebel APP

I have been using this app at home for a little extra guidance in my yoga practice. I love the ladies voice, her demeanour, her flow and the general setup of the app.

As a yoga teacher I like to challenge myself a little to get better at what I love, I love to have some variety in my own practice and having someone that has personality as well as diversity is a must.

Do I find this app has diversity? Unfortunately, this app definitely doesn’t have the diversity of asanas that I am looking for, she has a couple dozen different classes that range from 5 minutes for the busy person up to 32 minutes for those that have a bit more time. This is fantastic, but as I have made my way through most and they all carry the similar asana layout it gets a little dull.

Do I think that it worth the cost? Well I paid $75 for 6 months as a trial to see if it would work for me and I definitely want get the use out of my money that is for sure. Saying that though it definitely isn’t over price, in fact I think it is really reasonable and would definitely recommend it for this reason. On the upside as well they have 2-3 classes that you can access for free once the app is downloaded.

What downsides have I spotted? Definitely an app that you need to know your limitations on, at any rate I think everyone should take responsibility for their bodies and their own limits instead of being sue happy. Be aware of any injuries, weaknesses, high/low blood pressure etc before taking on new practice and a good rule of thumb is to seek medical advice from you physician before starting a new exercise program.

Would I recommend this to people? Yes and No, this is because I wouldn’t recommend to just anybody, I would recommend to those that I know would benefit from a easy going yoga class that was not to overwhelming and time effective. alongside this if I new a person had an injury I wouldn’t recommend it to them.

checkout Asana Rebel on Facebook or at the App Store for more information.

Here is the link for their website.

Give this ago if you are looking for a user friendly app that gives a nice friendly and calm atmosphere.

I give this app the SILVER ” yoga Hippy” award ๐Ÿฅˆ

It definitely isn’t a fail but it is also not blowing my mind either.

Let me know your opinion ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yoga Hippy is using Patreon to produce both self sufficient, beekeeping & yoga videos come along and support and enjoy. We are really excited to have you join us as part of our Patreon family. Namaste ๐Ÿ™

So here it is, we are finally apart of patreon and really appreciate your support as we start to create videos on yoga, beekeeping and living self sufficently. 

Every month we will be adding podcasts and videos as well as a Free general feed on self sufficiency. We will be doing articles on special interests that YOU have asked for and for certain tiers we will be adding you as a thankyou and appreciation for you contribution.

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Look forward to catching up and chatting soon. 

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I have now started on patreon where I will be uploading yoga videos and videos on the progress of our self sufficiency the Hibbo’s Hole property of you would love to be part of the family jump over and check it out as we develop or new productions.

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Goats for milking

Okay, so I thought I would have some milking goats by now but, as one thing leads to another they have had to wait.

We are completing our fencing for the paddock, yet to concrete their shed floor as we have discovered that they suffer from wet weather feet and over the summer months we have a high average rainfall so the ground can get a little boggy.

Once we have completed this and made sure that we have the necessary nutritional requirements needed over the winter we will get our beautiful milking goats ๐Ÿ.

The plan once we have these fabulous members of the family is quite simple. Milk for kids and us, make yummy feta cheese for the all important Greek salads and spinach and feta pies, lasagna etc and make some goats milk yogurt.

These products will be fantastic as they are already staples in our household, add these to the fantastic vegetable gardens that are growing we will have and amazing self sufficient year.yep these are our veggies ๐ŸŒฝ not just and upload pic from the web.

We grow everything we love to eat. Melons, peaches, mulberries, oranges, grapefruit, corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, eggplants, chilli, piles of herbs etc ( basically I can’t remember the rest).

Hibbo’s Hunny HUTT ๐ŸŒˆ

Our beautiful Newton Boyd Honey shop at the monument has grown and now has more Honey from the beekeeper then before and also now has fabulous beeswax candles. We are so excited ๐Ÿ˜† that we have done this with the same old fantastic honesty system as before. All that is needed is a paint job to add the rainbows ๐ŸŒˆ .

Checkout the website

This person did a blog on the old Grafton- Glen Innes Road.

Let us know what you think of this when you visit.

Yoga clothing!What do you think?

Have you noticed the rise of the Lycra yoga pants? I have and now I also have heard the rise of ” I won’t be caught dead in Lycra” or ” the I’m not flexible enough” has been replaced with “OMG I would look horrible in that gym clothing”.

This is really unacceptable, the benefits of yoga far outway the clothing choices and for that matter have you ever seen an Indian yogi in tights? Nah they are usually in flowing pants that keep movement easy. I know, I know, tights being skin tight make movement easy but, they also help women to get vaginal thrush and can cause vag/groin sweating that is not nice especially if you can’t shower after class and if you wear them every day with little reprieve from tight pants.

I know that there is so much in the way of advertising the look, clothing etc of yoga and I don’t criticise this as there is definitely a need. Some people love to wear tight clothing in bright colours, others prefer to hide themselves in black as media has decided it hides lumps, bumps, and your beautiful shape. The yoga clothing industry is now worth millions (billions) relying mostly on the status of your yoga elite and that most want to look the part. Do you honestly think YOU need to do this?

don’t get me wrong even I love these pants from dharma bums.

Clothing in yoga doesn’t have to be skin tight pants, sports bra and abs showing. The thing is it’s all about comfort and flow not being the most fashionable in the class. Yoga is an individual journey so how we dress is also individual.

In my classes I actually decided to ban black, this was due to the shade black being an energy blocking colour and I am trying to create a full chakra balancing flow that opens. When our ladies where wearing black pants they inadvertently were blocking their lower chakras.

Once this colour was asked to be phased out I noticed that the ladies in the class started wearing loosened clothing that had fabulous colours. I was also pleasantly surprised by the way their personal practices became more flowing, more connected and far less stressful. They found themselves and became what they prefer; ( they became their home self).

So try not to surrender to the medias viewed yoga and know that you are beautiful, gorgeous and sexy in anything you wear. Embrace your inner beauty and wear something comfortable that you can do your practice in. Be original and don’t bend to the oppressive view that we all have to look a certain way to practice yoga.

Bee Free to Bee Me

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