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A Former Off-Grid, Homeschooled Child’s Thoughts on the Naugler Family

This is an amazing article, I have had people assume that because we live off the grid and homeschool that we must live in a tent or caravan and not bathe or eat proper food, all these things are not true off-grid living can be an amazing experience for children and family and really helps them to see how things are truly done in this day and age of over-commercialisation of EVERYTHING, as for homeschooling there are many forms and we use the state of NSW curriculum-based education with teachers having face to face satellite lessons with the children 3 days a week.. What the Naugler family did was harm and demonization of everyone else that lives these lifestyle.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

CC image courtesy of Flickr, Paul Jerry.

The following post is written by Gary. The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Gary” is a pseudonym. Also by Gary on HA: “The Deep Drone of Unseen Cicadas” and “Hurts Me More Than You: Gary’s Story”.

To begin with I would like to state several things.

1. I do not know the Naugler family. I have never met them. All of the following observations are based solely from the information this family posted, publicly, on their blog and public Facebook page.

2. Much of the “information” being spread about the internet in regards to this family is clearly, factually incorrect. This can be seen through simple observation of posts on the family’s public Facebook page and blog.

Most of the information people are referencing is based only from the first few photos and/or posts on the family’s blog and Facebook page. For instance, the cover photo…

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Hi everyone, I make and use these all the time, they get away from the annoying cling wrap and are environmentally friendly…as a beekeepers wife and lover of the earth these are the perfect way to wrap your childrens (and your) lunches for the day, put food in a jar on container and place a tie or elastic band around and they seal in the freshness, and best of all they are super easy and cheap to make…❤️ENJOY!!


Originally, I was not going to write a blog about DIY Beeswax Food Wraps. Why? Because there are SO MANY out there. I think everyone who has a blog and who also has a mild interest in reducing plastic or disposable product use has written one. Buzzfeed has a video on it. How to make […]

via DIY or DI Why: Beeswax Food Wraps — Misadventure Ms. : Adventure Finds Me

DIY or DI Why: Beeswax Food Wraps — Misadventure Ms. : Adventure Finds Me

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NFF – NoN Fried Fries

I am using these for my children’s birthday party on Sunday as they are wanting some hot chips and these are PERFECT…


Here is the deal.. and we have no escape to this, WE ALL LOVE FRIES!! the crispy exterior with the fluffy interior yummy, but as we all know that fries is something we love but it dose not love us back.. when it comes to the heath value to the so.. i thought to make these delicious fried potato a bit more healthy.. so lets get on to it..

ok the best way of getting the crispy exterior and fluffy potato fries was the air fryer. after trying the oven,grill,and pan frying with less oil option. i found that the air fryer option was the most effective and efficient. the 2ed best results were in a oven which to gave the nice and fluffy potato interior and a golden exterior but not as crispy as the air fryer. the prep work for both are the same and this method gave…

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The Ups And Downs Of Being A Homeschooler

This is Fabulous, will repost…

My Homeschool Notebook

Hello my lovelies!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was originally going to do this post later on during the month, but a couple of people had this post as their top pick in the list of posts, so I’m doing this one first.

Also, if you have any ideas for more future posts, please let me know. 🙂

Psst! The featured image backround watercolor flower was downloaded from from THIS PAGE. Check out her website! She has wonderful downloadable clipart and others to make your blog lovely. 🙂 Thanks, Angie! ❤


  • I have more time to do the things I love. Instead of being stuck with so much homework, I get to focus more on what I love and what needs to be mastered.
  • I’m learning something everyday, even in the holidays. That’s also something I love about myself; my love for learning.

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This post is an amazing read for anyone that is conscious of animal welfare and what is happening in the world of animal welfare. Go to this blog site if you are wanting to read about whats happening and the thoughts of action to be done…


As you may already know, Kenya lost almost all its rhinos meant to be trans-located to Tsavo. All of them, meaning the whole process failed horribly. And the painful part, is the loss of our precious rhinos. Investigations are being done and some officials have been suspended. Some blame the government , while others blame […]

via What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife? — Cheche Winnie

What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife? — Cheche Winnie

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Thing I love and that make life GREAT!

This is an AMAZINGLY positive article in the face of frustration, defiantly a read to brighten even the darkest mood….❤️

The Psychedelic Wanderer

A couple of weeks ago I published a post ‘Bad driving and other annoying habits’.  I had been inspired by a particularly bad truck driver to write an email to the company of said truck to make them aware of how dangerously close they had been driving to my van.  After being ignored for about ten days, I decided to send another email asking why they hadn’t responded and how long I should expect to wait for a member of their ‘customer service team’ to get back to me.  I have copied both my second email and their response at the bottom of this page, for anybody else who would like closure from the ‘bad driving’ incident written about last time…..  That then lead me on to publishing my list of ‘Annoying things’ out of my ‘Book of lists’ that I keep.

However… this blog post is all about the…

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I loved this article with its honesty and flow, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


If you look at clips of hippies from the Summer of Love or Woodstock or their post-60s communes, you see, the sexual liberation of the times aside, lots of non-sexual touching and hugging. In the hippie zeitgeist, human touch was one of the primary glues of communal oneness. Physical touch was not just symbolic of […]

via Hippies, Wholeness, and Human Touch — shakemyheadhollow

Hippies, Wholeness, and Human Touch — shakemyheadhollow