Winter Gardens,

Growing veggies in the winter is always a little more complicated than summer and spring but, when you are prone to minus degrees and heavy frost, high winds and below average water supply it can become a little more tricky.

The average time for veggies to reach maturity is between 6-12 weeks depending on the plant and soil that is in use but for us we are finding that they remain seedlings for a lot longer than maturation.

We planted Brussel sprouts, cauli, spinach, bok choi, celery, garlic, spring onions, carrots, parsnips, strawberries, dill, parsley, Calendula, marigolds, and swedes. These veggies are all really generally good over winter but, we are finding that the celery and spring onions aren’t really liking the frosty mornings, garlic of cause want be ready till late spring anyway and as for the rest they are all still small but green and healthy.

All these were planted 3-4 weeks ago and defiantly want be ready in the next few weeks but they should taste amazing as they are all organically grow and given daily love and care. The Strawberries and carrots are Nayer, Roger and Rubin’s projects and come spring the Strawberries will look and taste AMAZING and in the next 4-5 weeks there carrots will be ready to pull.

When we plant our crops we add premium soil mix to the beds as we have poor soil quality in our area that needs a lot of conditioning. The family also takes little trips in the local area to collect cow and horse manure and of cause we provide our own chicken manure.With all this premium goodness we add it to our compost heap with plenty of hay and worm eggs to help produce fabulous mixes of organic compost.

We have found this amazing product that we are using at the moment call Active 8 soil improver and planting mix, we have found that this particular mix is filled with all the nutrients and fertilisers that your garden needs and really helps the plants to grow better than any other that I have used ( I have used and purchased a lot of different soil mixes). The reason that I went to the product was after a fellow homeschooling family showed me this brand and the fact that it is ORGANIC and comes in both 30 – 50L bags, to us as a family this is vital, also as a large family we can’t exactly spend huge amounts of money on mixes that promise and don’t deliver, this product is both financially, family and garden friendly at between $7-$12 a bag depending on size this is a fantastic price especially for the amounts we use.

The only problem that I have found with this product is the lack of suppliers and that we had to visit the Rocky Point website to find suppliers in our areas of travel and I still had to travel a long way off route to get what I needed so ended up purchasing each shops stock that I could get but, saying that it has been totally worth the effort.

Click the picture to head to their website.

Placing this product into our gardens has made a huge difference in the beds that were planted with crops as opposed to the beds that we had another cheap soil mix in and price for price this product still came out on top in the price breakdown and with the added ph balanced conditioning and the water retention ability this one was not only cheaper but performed better than the other.

The climate however is what is stunting the growth of our veggies, although they are small and defiantly healthy, when the reach maturity they will be delicious and nutritious.

Well happy gardening all you beautiful people and may your veggies fill your bellies with good health and nutritious, delicious meals…❤️




Rewriting the Story of the Starving Armenian — Discover

Liana Aghajanian on the food traditions of Armenian-Americans: “Having lost property, cultural heritage, and identity in addition to the millions who were killed, food became the most transportable cultural marker that could be made tangible with the right ingredients, as Armenians were forced to migrate across the world.”

via Rewriting the Story of the Starving Armenian — Discover

Mosaics by Hibbo’s Hippies

We have been making pots and fruit bowls for sale and gifts in our little Hibbo’s Hunny Hutt and they are fabulous.

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Yoga pose for ❤️ JUNE ❤️

Before I get into giving this months Yoga Pose I need to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting this blog, out YouTube Channel and those that have started following or considering becoming Patrons on our Patreon Page. Through this support we are able to keep creating Yoga, Meditation, vegan, Vegetarian foods and doing our blog.

In August we are also going to be Giving away 2 crystal chip bracelets to our NEW PATREON PATRONS that pledged in JUNE – July to show our gratitude for your support.

So this months pose is Wide Angle Forward fold (Prasarita Padottanasana). This pose help to increase flexibility in leaps and bounds but should not be done to full extent if you have a lower back injury or pain in this region also add props to help with this intensive forward fold this will make the practice far more enjoyable and less of a strain.


The Benefits of this pose are.

  • Strengthens and stretches the inner legs.and back legs and the spine
  • Tones the abdominal organs.
  • Calms the brain allowing a far more restful sleep.
  • Relieves mild backache.
  • Strengthens and stretches the hamstrings at the back of the legs.
  • Relieves pressure on the lower back, whilst strengthening and stretching.
  • Helps to relieve mild depression.
  • Helps to relieve headache.
  • Helps to relieve fatigue.


How to get into this pose…

  1. To move into this pose start in Tadasana ( Mountain pose).
  2. Move your feet apart anywhere from 3 to 4 1/2 feet depending on your height, taller people can step a little wider.
  3. Lift your inner arches by drawing up on the inner ankles, and press the outer edges of your feet and ball of the big toe firmly into the floor.
  4. Engage the thigh muscles by drawing them up.
  5. Inhale and lift your chest, making the front torso slightly longer than the back.
  6. Exhale, maintain the length that you have in your spine and slowly bend forward from the hips
  7. With each exhalation deepen the fold and slowly aim to place your hands on the ground between your legs.
  8.  Be sure to keep your arms parallel to each other, widen the shoulder blades, and draw your shoulders away from your ears.
  9. Remain in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  10. To come out of the posture, inhale and place your hands on your hips, on the next exhale raise yourself back to standing keeping your back straining as you do.
  11. On your last exhale bring your feet back together and extend into Tadasana.

extended forward fold Read More

WOOHOO for cow shit.!!!

Not the most attractive title I know but you have to put your hands together for the modest cow shit, it produces the best veggies in your garden and makes a fabulous base for your compost heaps which means lowering your gardening cost as your never having to buy in dirt, man-made fertilisers or any of that other crap you pick up thinking you’re doing the best for your plants.

Yeah I know, you’re wondering if I am a horticulturist, hmm NAH, just someone who loves the taste of fresh fruit and veggies and wants to know that what I feed my beautiful children is full of organic goodness straight from mother earth to them.

Here is the deal all those awesome bags of fertiliser that your paying a mottzer for in Bunnings and other stores like them have cow poo in them and although they say it has been washed you will still get grass seeds pop up in your garden bed after application, this is exactly the same as the stuff out of the paddock.

We have all heard about the drought and farmers doing it tough and we all know that you are going to spend good money at a commercial store to buy your chook and cow poo products so why not check out your local cattle farmer or back yard chook breeder and help them out by paying $20 for a pile of organic material that comes plastic free and is environmentally friendly giving you and your family the added benefits of having the best tasting tomatoes and lettuces of your life.

What are you waiting for, if you are still reading this then you’re not checking out the local shit produces…..

Off to grow Veggies now


An Aussie Icon in the outback of Australia..

The iconic car in the bush all rusted but still looking like an icon in its own right. How many of the Australian population can say that they have never seen a car like this???

I have only a couple on my road but they are a land mark and we love it, they tell a story from a past life, a historic life, what is it that they could tell us, what have they seen, where have they been???

These are all questions from the colonial era that a lot of people ask as they travel around the outback of Australia.

photo of corroded vintage white and red sedan on brown grass
Photo by Mark Veger

The Aussie Bush — Better then the city life..

How awesome is it living in the bush when you can enjoy views like this every day…. This big red and the little grey Kangaroo just enjoyed the morning sun relaxing together.


We are so lucky here at Hibbo’s Hole to be able to travel around and see what others have to visit a wildlife park or zoo to see. We get so much wildlife coming into our place along with the chooks and guinea fowls running around and thats just the day.


Epic Fail — Big Pretender

Ever had one of those moments when you think everything is going just great and the world is turning the way it should??? Well today was that day until 10 minutes ago, I gave Nayer a cooking lesson we made short bread dough and then I had a brain storm to make a lemon tart, which is AMAZING but, using half her poppyseed dough. So preheated the oven and rolled out the dough and here it comes the MEGA STUFF up.

I had to blind bake the tart shell so I put the baking paper under the dough and the beads on top of the dough put it in the oven and pulled it out in 12 minutes to remove the beads… ANYONE pick up what stuffed up the base yet, yeah figured you would I put the paper under instead of in the case so the beads where impossible to remove especially since I had to remove them by hand one at a bloody time.

Finally go the beads out, the shell looks like Gypsy our two year old attacked it and its back in the oven ( in disrepair but still good ) I kind of stuck it together like a horror film skin grafting session.

In goes the lemon filling and the fingers are crossed that despite the look it will taste AWESOME.

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Fabulous products to check out….

I was trawling Amazon the other day and found some really amazing Yoga & Natural health products that I though I should share… Check out these links to these products…

I have purchased or read all of these books and regularly get the Om Yoga magazine…. Every one of these books are well priced and SO SO SO informative, and I really love patterned yoga mats the add a little beautification to your workout.


PRODUCT Review – Henna for Hair care

Good frosty morning every one hope we are all nice and warm in the Southern hemisphere and all you Northern hemisphere peeps are having a lovely warm spring morning…

I use Henna on my hair a fair bit and as a former hairdresser have found that it is the best thing for MY hair, so what is Henna and how does it work.

Well Henna is a plant-based natural product that coats the hair protecting it from the elements and carries NO petro-chemicals, or synthetic nasties for the hair and scalp, basically Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair but as with all natural or man-made products it does carry some risk of side effects which are standard and if you have sensitive skin should patch test before usage these are some side effects, inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) including rednessitchingburning, swelling, scaling, broken skin, blisters, and scarring of the skin but, this can also occur if you use bleaching products on your hair as well.

Henna covers the cuticle of the hair which coats it with rich colour while maintaining the natural structure of the hair shaft, it does raise the cuticle and this is why it is important to rinse the hair completely and add a conditioning agent at the end of the process insuring that the cuticle becomes flat again which is how the hair looks shiny and heathy. Unlike chemical hair dyes henna hair dyes do not penetrate the inner layer of the hair this is call the cortex which means that the hair retains its moisture and flexibility. The benefits of Henna use is fabulous and here is a small list.

  1. Conditions the hair,
  2. Keeps PH levels normal,
  3. Balances out the hairs oil production,
  4. Stops hair loss and promotes hair growth,
  5. Strengthens hair and helps repair the hair,
  6. Maintains scalp health and is quiet cooling on the scalp.
  7. Covers grey hair ( totally a friend )

Henna however is AWESOME at covering those grey hairs we get as we age ( wont remove wrinkles, sorry ) and comes in a range of colours these days, I myself have used the clear conditioning treatment for years but, am now going to give the lovely Mahogany colour a go as I like this colour. When I use the conditioning treatment I use honey as a way of making sure that the drying effects that can come with the Henna is combated, other people use yogurt which combats the flaky scalp that can come or if they are prone to dandruff.

Buying Henna is more difficult however and really needs to be sourced from a reputable source as there are so many grads and you really need to get the best quality you can so I am adding a few links below of people who I know you can trust to get great Henna hair products and a couple of these I have purchased from myself so know are really good to deal with.

  Henna Sooq is a great place to get both Hair, Skin and body art Henna and sell really high quality for all these and are also are a Ayurvedic site, So check them out.

Henna Moon is a fabulous Australian website that are super knowledgeable on Henna usage and have some really high quality Henna products, selling both Hair and Body art products and doing Henna body art services in Western Australia ( totally wish I was over there but am in NSW )

Divine Henna is not a hair colouring place but does amazing body art and really should get a mention due to this, they are situated in Queensland and do bridal, pregnancy and Henna parties…so check out this site for the artistry side.


My recommendation is to give Henna a go and find out what it can do for your hair and health and I definitely give Henna HAIR & BODY a GOLD award and both Henna Moon & Henna Sooq awesome GOLD reviews for products and services

Guide to HomeSchooling – OFF-GRID

It sounds great doesn’t it to home school your children and live an off grid lifestyle!! Well it is better than that it is fantastic BUT, how do you do this and keep your sanity and the lovely natural colour in your hair…

Gypsy emptying potatoes on the floor helping mummies hair change colour. …

I off grid, home school all of our children and the two eldest are now doing a satellite ( school of the air ) version with artefact based learning. What this means is that they do face to face classes for half an hour each online and the rest we send photos, videos and artefacts back about what we have achieved.

My eldest son was partially home schooled and had special needs he is now 19 and lives his own life and is very happy, when I had him I was young and had to be very VERY regimented in everything I did so that he was able to work and feel comfortable with the day to day activities….. Fast forward to now and I can’t say that I am either organised or regimented in anything that I do but instead I am now very free and easy with my time which now causes a whole NEW set of problems as home schooling requires some of those skills that I had acquired over the previous years.

Being a little easy going or as Stuart would say mellowed has made home schooling a little more stressful for me but at the same time quite easy as I am not regulated by the time frame that is set by the department of education in NSW. The downside is that they send you SO MUCH paper work that I never get it sorted and if I do Gypsy our beautiful angelic two year old spreads them from arsehole to breakfast time which is bad Bad BAD for the sanity of her mummy..

So I have decided that the best way to achieve sanity and keep my natural hair colour is to live a little more minimalistic and ask the school to email me the work so that I can print the work as needed instead of having piles of papers, books, arts materials laying around getting trashed by one toddler that thinks no is code for scream until your brothers or sister gives it to you to shut up.

Home schooling though is a wonderful experience and fabulous for both parents and children as it creates a deep bond as well as a lot of patients and understanding as every child learns a different way and has a very different personality.

Do you remember as a child growing up when you where with your brothers and sisters your parents had the concept that you all should know the same thing at the same time and should be at the same place physically, mentally and educationally…. Well guess what they where wrong about that children are all very different in all things even if they are twins they learn differently, they have different personalities and behaviours.

So why if this is the case would you put your children into a school where they are expected to learn at the same level as everyone else when they may find some subjects easier and want to plough ahead and others challenging and fall behind.

Home schooling really helps to work at the pace they need to in every subject, for example Nayer my eldest daughter is fabulous at maths and art but struggles with phonetics where Roger LOVES phonics, maths and art but really HATES having to do writing or and sort of sit down work, Rubin our pre-schooler just dislikes all stationary work but thinks playing in the sand pit, digging in the garden, building with dad, playing with the dog more enjoyable then painting or other paper, glue mess making exercises.

I mentioned to the people I go through that I wanted to teach a Rudolf Steiner school method and have my children able to travel as well as do more outdoor work that in side so that the have the grounding of the earth while they learn how to read, write, play, sing and have fun.

Photo on 16-05-2018 at 9.28 am.jpg
Roger, doing is reluctant satellite lesson…

To become a home schooling parent wether living of grid or not is a decision you made to be closer to your children and become more proactive in their education, with this in mind you have to remember every time you get over whelmed why you started this process and take a step back and realise that whatever way you teach your children your are doing an amazing job and that the education system that you have decided to go through is there to help you with this process and make the education of your children as enjoyable for them as it is for you so talk to them about your fears, worries and thoughts about how you want to educate your children.

Nayer and Rubin doing phonics together…



30 minute yoga flow

Begin to tone up and increase flexibility with this new yoga sequence that I have for you on our patreon site. We do 3-4 new yoga videos every month for our exclusive patrons that pay $5.00 or more per month to help support us in our creation of new yoga videos.

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For now here is a link to one of our youtube channels yoga flows and vegan food videos, hope you enjoy and flow with mind, body and soul in sink.



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Look forward to seeing you all there…

Love to all..


Yoga pose for ❤️ MAY ❤️….

Before I get into giving this months Yoga Pose I need to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting this blog, out Youtube Channel and those that have started following or considering becoming Patrons on our Patreon Page. Through this support we are able to keep creating Yoga, Meditation, vegan, Vegetarian foods and doing our blog.

In July we are also going to be Giving away 5 crystal chip bracelets to our NEW PATREON PATRONS that pledged in MAY-JUNE to show our gratitude for your support

So this months pose is a well know one that is in every yogis program…..! so which one is it??? Downward dog of cause!. this pose is awesome and helps so much with the bodies movement and overall stretch.

Here are the benefits of Downward Dog..

  1. It builds strong bones.
  2. Improves posture
  3. Helps clear the head.
  4. Helps the gastrointestinal system move freely
  5. Builds strength and flexibility
  6. Helps give you that fresh glow in the skin from improved circulation.
  7. Thanks to the calves and ankle stretch it improves runners performance.

So now we know some of the benefits lets get started…

  1. Come on to all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
  2. Tuck under your toes and lift your hips up off the floor as you draw them up at back towards your heels.
  3. Keep your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight, otherwise try and straighten out your legs while keeping your hips back.
  4. Walk your hands forward to give yourself more length if you need to.
  5. Press firmly through your palms and rotate the inner elbows towards each other.
  6. Hollow out the abdominals and keep engaging your legs to keep the torso moving back towards the thighs.
  7. Hold for 5-8 breaths before dropping back to hands and knees to rest.

downward dog 1downdog

You will now feel a fabulous release in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, hamstrings, calves, and ankles.

Adding this yoga posture to your everyday practice will begin to help relieve tension and strain in the entire body so give it a go.

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Love to all….❤️

Yoga Pose of the month…..

I have always found that if I work on one yoga pose every month and become comfortable and anatomically correct that I am able to achieve a much more cohesive flow when the pose is added to my yoga flow.

So to go with this theme I have decided to write a mini blog on a different pose each month starting with the very simple but super awesome Mountain pose. This pose helps to

  1. Steadies breathing.
  2. Improves posture.
  3. Relieves the pain of sciatica.
  4. Increases strength, power, and mobility in the feet, legs, and hips.
  5. Reduces flat feet and the impact that they cause.
  6. Strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles.
  7. Increases awareness of your surroundings.
  8. Firms the abdomen and buttocks.
  9. Increases whole body awareness.

So how do we get into this posture and make it work for us, it seems easy enough yet done correctly can increase the benefits greatly as it isn’t just standing still in one spot.

Here is a easy guide to becoming the mountain with this pose.

  • Stand tall with feet together.
  • Keep shoulders relaxed.
  • Weight is evenly distributed through your soles.
  • Place your arms at sides.
  • Take a deep breath and raise your hands overhead.
  • have palms facing each other with arms straight.
  • Reach up toward the sky with your fingertips.
  • Exhale and return your arms back by your sides.
  • become aware of wether your lower back is in a neutral position and that NO pain is being brought into the lower back, shoulders or neck areas.


That’s it….easy and full of benefits, practice this everyday and integrate it into your daily routine to increase the benefits of your overall practice.

Love to all.

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HMMMM, Not sure

What can I say, I am a little overwhelmed, confused and a little more overwhelmed!!!. I have thought of putting an e-commerce shop on this site as I get people wanting to purchase products with our logo on it, yoga singles, tights, crystal bracelets etc….I thought the Paypal button was good enough and it meant that I haven’t had to do a lot of updating and price adjustments as we LOVE to keep everything at a reasonable cost but, has this hurt what I am doing as people seem less inclined to purchase something with a Paypal button compared to a shop cart! is this a fair assumption???

So you can see that I am confused as to the course of action to take and the fact that I am not glued to my computer every day and only jump on once or twice to check emails and messages in a week is it really something that I need to do??


Is the world really all about online sales and staying in front of the computer or are we just being programmed to think this is correct???

Well for now I think we at the Yoga Hippies house might stick with our Paypal button and just keep it simple as we enjoy making our products, videos and caring for our Blog and Patreon page and YouTube channel but I do think we need the added challenge of setting up a new online shop.

So to all I wish Love and happiness,

Bye for now xx❤️

Vegan / Vegetarian is it that HARD REALLY!!!

I have to ask, how hard is it really to get the concept of vegan or vegetarianism???? Quite simply they are easy to implement into your life and not that hard to understand. I thought I would put an easy peasy guild together for all those that struggle with the Vegan _ Vegetarian _ Normal food lifestyles.


These guys eat…. only plant based products…. Including and not limited to veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes ETC

These guys don’t eat…. anything that comes from an animal…..including meat ( fish, pork, beef, chicken, insects etc), eggs, honey, milk, cheese, yogurt, chocolate made on milk ( all dairy) etc.

However…… These guys get extra nutrients from certified packaged goods if they don’t understand nutrients and how to get the best out of the food they eat and as we know packaging is bad for the environment and as most packaged products contain plastic, foil etc it ends up in landfill, rivers, oceans, seas breaks down to micro plastics which animals absorb and slowly works its way up the food chain till toxin levels soar and the poor animal dies in agony…..

 POINT TO LAST STATEMENT…… buy in bulk, carry your own baskets, refuse to buy things with excess packaging and watch David Attenbourgh Blue Plant 2.


food veg

Now for the Vegetarians……

Well I am a veggie head and we eat everything except meat products unless you are a Pescetarians. basically we eat everything you do barr meat products and these are all meat products not just some meat products…beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, sausages, bacon etc you get what I am saying.


Pescetarians are vegetarians that add fresh, salt water fish and seafoods to their other wise vegetarian diets, these people are usually of Italian origin but, a lot of people adopt this way as a way to either feel better about not having red meat. In saying they don’t eat land based animals in their diet.

The we come to the funky cross waters Pollo vegetarian…..

Instead of eating fish in their diets they eat chicken but no other meats and they eat all other veggies, grains….usual veggie head stuff

So there you have it vegetarian, vegan and clubs according to design……the one thing I am clear on is that a true Vegan shouldn’t have any animal products in their life this includes leather and I know many that purport to be vegans but are wearing leather shoes, using leather handbags, sitting on leather couches and the amount of packaging that they dispose of due to their vegan diet is amazing.

Whatever diet you choose it is totally down to you, your body, your families needs and your morals but, I urge all that live and eat what they choose to be tolerant of those that choose their own ways and not hound, belittle, deride and abuse them for their choices….

I am a Vegetarian and have been for years, I buy vegan cooking books because they have a far better scope for inspiration then vegetarian books. I have a family of six and very physically active husband that likes to eat vegetarian but requires meat for energy when he is more physical then not, I have 1 child that loves meat and would eat it all day if she could, another that only wants fruits and raw veggies and then the last to just happy to eat whatever mums cooking…

This shows that you can’t dictate to others what they should or shouldn’t eat as everyones body is different and needs totally different types of food to survive. I know so many people that have tried to live vegan and it nearly killed them, this is due to either not getting the nutrient balances right or your body putting up a fight over what it truly needs… My ex- vegetarian friends tried it a few times over the years to be more conscious but it made it hard for them when they already ate a healthy diet that was good for them.

Unless you have a pressing urge to change your diet the do your research don’t just dive in as it may not be right for you. Seek medical and nutritional advice, find your dosha and if you do decide to give a dietary change a go don’t feel bad if you don’t stick to it….

I add recipes to our youtube channel – Yoga Hippies which are vegan and vegetarian, they are also flavoursome and great ways to try different foods without taking the full on plunge….if you like our channel then SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE or come and join our Patreon community    and click the link below to become a patron today so that we can keep writing and making our yoga lifestyle videos on youtube.


You are where you need to be right now…..embrace and accept who you are…..

Love to all,



5 Yoga poses for Happiness

There is joy in us all but, sometimes finding it can be a little challenging due to our busy lifestyles, family commitments, money issues etc. So today we are going to tap into that happiness and bring a little bit more light into your life with these top five yoga poses that support a happy out and inside.

I have bad days and well today hasn’t gotten off to the best start with Gypsy getting me up a few times last night due to illness, Rubin deciding at 3.30am that he was terrified of the dark, only getting one coffee before 8am and my usual breakfast lacking flavour due to a berry shortage in the freezer. Well that seems to have set the course for the day with one thing after the other just happening to happen.

I decided to start to write this after remembering to take a few VERY deep breaths, reminding myself that I love my children and am grateful to be able to share their lives and that it is only stuff that has gone wrong not anyone I loves health so I should be able to chill out and do some yoga and then write this blog…..

Well here I am with Gypsy sitting beside me legs up on the computer keyboard as we finished our happy yoga. So here they are my top five for an awesome happy, stress free day..

Grab your mat and lets do some Happy Baby.

This is an awesome pose that even the name should bring a smile to your dial when said and one that needs little instruction apart from just chill….Lay down on your back give both knees a huge hug ( aids in digestion and lower back release) and the grab both big toes with your peace fingers, bring the knees to beside you but really just be guided by the way your hips and hamstrings feel. No pain means your a happy baby….. relax in this for up to 5 minutes rolling your lower spine as you feel necessary this will give a lovely lower back massage.


Next lets chill in Camel pose, Or at least have fun moving up and down.

This doesn’t have to look or feel like your trying to bend over backwards like an out of shape pretzel but instead can be enjoyed doing the variations which include placing the hands at the base of the spine to release though the hips yet support your body from going past where it needs to be, flowing the arms round as though your doing back stroke but in a gentle, enjoyable way. Whichever way you go whether full camel, or any variation just make sure you feel no pain and follow the directions for your our body.


OMG, you can’t go past extended forward fold, this feels like your releasing everything that bugs you out f the top of your head, it releases relaxing happy drugs in the body and helps you sleep better. That has to make you happier.


Then There is the obvious if you need to burn off energy and really get the body warm and moving thats Sun salutation. This can be done slow, or as a vinyasa but it really is an all over body warmup on its own and that always makes everyone happy. When we do things like this it releases endorphins into the body along with dopamine which are the bodies natural happy drugs…..


Last but defiantly NOT least is reclined bound angle pose ( I call it angle pose as it sounds pretty ). Enjoy this even in bed, prop your lower spine up with a rolled blanket or pillow, lay back bring your feet together and knees up and just RELAX. this is one of the most therapeutic asanas in my arsenal I LOVE IT, i do it every night before bed ( actually fall asleep in it ) and my husband loves this pose. So give these a go and let me know if they had a happy outcome for you and if you enjoyed them.


If you would like to see our videos of yoga click our Yoga Hippies Youtube Link and subscribe, Like and Share our videos or become a patron by clicking the link below for our exclusive content and classes.


Love & Light to all

Yoga Hippies


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