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Hello and welcome to our Yoga Hippy website then you may be familiar with Yoga Hippies or Hibbo’s Honey and the way we live and breathe our passions. If you are not already familiar with us then please let us introduce ourselves and family to you and what we do….
My name is Megen and with my Husband Stuart, live in rural Australia and work with Bees, live a self sufficient lifestyle and yoga videos. We release positive content on our youtube channel that inspires us and shows the passion and love we have for our lives. We are creating video libraries on Yoga, Beekeeping and Living a self sufficient lifestyle with our 4 young children. This is why we decided to start Yoga Hippies, everyone has a little hippy in them and is able to do a bit of yoga.
Our dream to stay independent, and create the content that we love and share which important to us, and your joining our Patreon family helps keep this dream alive. We also are wanting to share what we do and give back to our communities by sharing other peoples journeys along the way.
We are so lucky to be able to live the life we do and share our journey with everyone and appreciate you taking the time to consider joining our community and sharing in the journey of Yoga, Bees and Self sufficient living.
Wishing you,
Love ‘N’ Light. Megen & Stuart Hibbins
Yoga Hippies
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