About us

Welcome to our   Yoga Hippies TRIBE   here on our Blog, let me introduce you to our family and what we do…

I am Megen and my husband Stuart, We are the free-spirited Yoga Hippies and live TOTALLY OFF-GRID, how awesome is that! We homeschool our four children and totally rock the fabulous hippy in us all, we Vlog and blog about all sorts of lifestyle stuff , travel around  and encourage our children to be free and explore with curiosity our children are homeschooled and are Nayer -6, Roger -5, Rubin -4, & Gypsy -2 and they are massive inspiration for fun and adventure at the best of times.

Come along and join our TRIBE to support us in what we do, and don’t forget to share and follow our blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram page

Love to all, ☮
Stuart and Megen ❤️


Our favourite saying for ourselves is…….
” Let the universe guild you, it will never lead you wrong”.

We have a supporters page at patreon where we add exclusive content for our wonderful patrons that help to support and keep our dream of making YouTube videos and blogs alive.

If you would like to become a part of our Patreon community then please press the link below. Thanks again for your wonderful support and please keep your suggestions and comments rolling in…


  1. OFF-GRID living, gaining Momentum WORLDWIDE…JOIN IN THE MOVEMENT 🌎
  2. Off-Grid! What does it all mean???
  3. Homesteading! What is it?
  4. Travelling with kids – Aussie Style.
  5. Do you have to be Vegetarian to enjoy meat-free food???
  6. Home Schooling ( un-schooling ) life…

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