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A Former Off-Grid, Homeschooled Child’s Thoughts on the Naugler Family

This is an amazing article, I have had people assume that because we live off the grid and homeschool that we must live in a tent or caravan and not bathe or eat proper food, all these things are not true off-grid living can be an amazing experience for children and family and really helps them to see how things are truly done in this day and age of over-commercialisation of EVERYTHING, as for homeschooling there are many forms and we use the state of NSW curriculum-based education with teachers having face to face satellite lessons with the children 3 days a week.. What the Naugler family did was harm and demonization of everyone else that lives these lifestyle.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

CC image courtesy of Flickr, Paul Jerry.

The following post is written by Gary. The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Gary” is a pseudonym. Also by Gary on HA: “The Deep Drone of Unseen Cicadas” and “Hurts Me More Than You: Gary’s Story”.

To begin with I would like to state several things.

1. I do not know the Naugler family. I have never met them. All of the following observations are based solely from the information this family posted, publicly, on their blog and public Facebook page.

2. Much of the “information” being spread about the internet in regards to this family is clearly, factually incorrect. This can be seen through simple observation of posts on the family’s public Facebook page and blog.

Most of the information people are referencing is based only from the first few photos and/or posts on the family’s blog and Facebook page. For instance, the cover photo…

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