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Totally, Massively and AWESOMELY OFF-GRID……..

I love our awesome bush hut, it is totally, massively and completely OFF-GRID. Stuart made this hut with his own hands 25+ years ago…He built it with the timber off his own land, cut, sawn and mortised it on site with little help from machinery or person as neither was readily available in those days. Each posthole was dug by hand with the traditional method of a bar and shovel into clay and shale rock ground.

This is built up in mountainous country, conditions are very harsh and open to the elements, no caravans or motels it was simply living in a canvas tent running cattle and building the hut on his days off.

The results of all this hard work we now get to share and enjoy with Stuart and our children, always in awe of the time and effort that this building took one man to erect by himself with his dogs and horse as companions in this wild and lonely place.

Starting our journey up to the hut we pack the Ute and load the kids into mums car, grab the necessary food, clothes, and accessories needed for the tidy up after our caretaker of five years moved out. The kids, super excited to be heading up the mountain are bouncing off the walls and raring to get going…


Once on the move, the kids are all in mums wagon and dad following in the loaded Ute, we stop a few times to grab a couple of photos for the kids homeschooling adventures and make sure dad isn’t too far behind us. The whole drive between properties is 33km, which is just up the road in our life but it all depends on how many cows, cars, and pit stops you make between properties as to how long it really takes to achieve landfall…

On arrival at this gorgeous bush property the kids are busting to dive out of the car and run wild, grabbing their pushbike, green machine, and tractor they race off around the property like children that have been penned in the car for hours just dying to burn off the excess energies before entering the hut to oh and ah, before finding and privileging what they believe is needed for their outdoor survival and safekeeping, this all before we have downed a coffee and decided on the plan of action….!.

We all settle into our routines for the day, Stuart re-setting up the solar system for the place, me cleaning, and the 4 kids ready to sit down and do some art school work for their homeschooling life…


Over the next few hours, things travel along smoothly, kids cutting out, playing, pestering the normal kid stuff expected, Stuart continues to re-attach the solar unit, all this while I am cleaning and moving out old damaged furniture and deciding what type of funky, cool replacement furniture should be brought.

Time ticks away and lunches have to be made, simple peanut butter sandwiches and another couple of coffees for Stuart and I. We finish up for the day and decide we can camp up overnight as the weather is far warmer than it is down on the river. Stuart grabs some firewood and begins to start the fire so we can boil up the water needed for bath time as I make dinner ( spaghetti on toast) and start to harass the kids into being indoors for the evening.

It’s been a very peaceful evening and we end up in bed by 8.11pm with no lights or TV to keep us up we decide to snuggle up for the night and get some decent rest.

Grabbing some coffee and Weetbix for breakfast we do a last cleaning and fix up blurt around the place before taking these not quite completed photos and heading back home before 3pm so we can start the fire and get dinner ( we ran out of food up top ) this all so the kids could get a good nights sleep before the mornings school session with their online teacher.

All in all, I loved being up there, it was peaceful even if it was a massive three-day cleaning and re-solar trip….we had a blast and the magnificent place that Stuart built all those years ago still stands tall, strong and now has tiny feet racing around creating laughter and cheer for all of us.














Hi I'am Megen Hibbins ❤️ Free spirited Hippy Mother, Writer, Travel and Homeschooling Blogger and Vlogger. I homeschool our 7,6,5,4 year old children in a natural completly of grid lifestyle while my husband Stuart works bees. I blog and vlog three days a week allowing me to be creative and live the freerange lifestyle that I advocate for all to enjoy. Join us here for weekly blogs on whatever is happening environmentally, travel, homeschooling, and everything else inbetween.

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