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NFF – NoN Fried Fries

I am using these for my children’s birthday party on Sunday as they are wanting some hot chips and these are PERFECT…


Here is the deal.. and we have no escape to this, WE ALL LOVE FRIES!! the crispy exterior with the fluffy interior yummy, but as we all know that fries is something we love but it dose not love us back.. when it comes to the heath value to the so.. i thought to make these delicious fried potato a bit more healthy.. so lets get on to it..

ok the best way of getting the crispy exterior and fluffy potato fries was the air fryer. after trying the oven,grill,and pan frying with less oil option. i found that the air fryer option was the most effective and efficient. the 2ed best results were in a oven which to gave the nice and fluffy potato interior and a golden exterior but not as crispy as the air fryer. the prep work for both are the same and this method gave…

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