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Internet, is it your joy???

How many times have you searched the internet for that something that you need, want or have to have and typed it into google and found loads of websites that purport to have what you are looking for and then to your disappointment ( at least the first time ) you find that they don’t so you check the next ten and still find nothing that relates to your google search.

Today I was searching for the Kalso negative heel earth shoe that I have been wearing for years and really wanted to get Stuart another pair. Typing it into google I found loads of websites and none either sold to Australia, had the right size or just didn’t have the shoes they stated at all.

After a two hour search, I started to wonder how many people are needlessly searching for products online yet wasting endless hours jumping from web page to web page yet finding nothing??? Is it our purpose in life to endlessly search online for something that would be easier to live without??

I was disappointed and frustrated by this total waste of time, especially since I was trying to get a pile of other jobs done in the garden, spend time with the kids and do the general household stuff that life is made up of.

Are we now a nation of putting life on hold to google stuff that is less important than the people around us???

earth boots.jpg
Seriously though who wouldn’t want a pair like this??? They are really AWESOME and look amazing…


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