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Have you ever gone online and decided to try something out that says” try it for FREE” and then realized within minutes that it isn’t going to work for you, jump back on to cancel the subscription???.

WELL, I did this and as soon as I hit cancel subscription button it locked me out of the site, tried re-logging in but hey “your email address not found” funny this since they actually sent me TWO emails that same day and one was for the charges to my credit card for the “14 DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD” how the hell anyone, my email not be found when you sent me the login details, and TWO, how the bloody hell do you decide to charge the person within MINUTES for the FREE TRIAL period????…

You can probably tell that I am defiantly NOT happy by this, I have contacted them and am now forced to ring the bank and have my credit card canceled so that they can’t keep charging me for this subscription…OH YEAH, they weren’t able to respond to me as they are on a BLOODY HOLIDAY….AAAAHHHHAHAHAH.

How many people get caught like this? how many people are paying for things on the credit cards that they think is canceled? how many of us itemize everything that is spent on our card???.

Do we really need companies to treat us like this when the internet already has a bad reap for fraudulent behavior? are we supposed to sit back and allow these people to take what little money we have and use it for their own means without recourse??.

I find this behavior intolerable and am VERY disgruntled about the whole process (plain pissed off really). Have I ever had the privilege of being scammed before, of course, I have but not by such a company and especially not one that fellow bloggers placed on their website as a plug for services…

I have now blown off the steam ( and lowered the blood pressure) that I had built up and Stu will be happy about that as I am usually the calm “she’ll be right ” kinda girl but, this one really stirred me up.

So, I have to say a MASSIVE Thank-you to those that are reading this and I would love to hear about your situations and how they worked out for you,. Did you get it resolved through the business or did the bank have to deal??. I have used this article to release my frustrations and it has helped to write it all down, life isn’t always sunshine and roses but, hopefully, it will be a while before I have to go on any sort of RANT fest again…




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