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Thing I love and that make life GREAT!

This is an AMAZINGLY positive article in the face of frustration, defiantly a read to brighten even the darkest mood….❤️

The Psychedelic Wanderer

A couple of weeks ago I published a post ‘Bad driving and other annoying habits’.  I had been inspired by a particularly bad truck driver to write an email to the company of said truck to make them aware of how dangerously close they had been driving to my van.  After being ignored for about ten days, I decided to send another email asking why they hadn’t responded and how long I should expect to wait for a member of their ‘customer service team’ to get back to me.  I have copied both my second email and their response at the bottom of this page, for anybody else who would like closure from the ‘bad driving’ incident written about last time…..  That then lead me on to publishing my list of ‘Annoying things’ out of my ‘Book of lists’ that I keep.

However… this blog post is all about the…

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Hi I'am Megen Hibbins ❤️ Free spirited Hippy Mother, Writer, Travel and Homeschooling Blogger and Vlogger. I homeschool our 7,6,5,4 year old children in a natural completly of grid lifestyle while my husband Stuart works bees. I blog and vlog three days a week allowing me to be creative and live the freerange lifestyle that I advocate for all to enjoy. Join us here for weekly blogs on whatever is happening environmentally, travel, homeschooling, and everything else inbetween.

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