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Negativity between the sexes

The other day I released a video on miscarriage and had a comment by a man who was really negative towards women ( hated them in fact)

Well thankfully I was never liked by women so never had any interest in having kids, therefore every woman going through a miscarriage I show no sympathy but a smile because I want them to suffer!” 

This comment was made after my response to his original comment about why have children in the first place ( you can see the whole transcript in the video comments). This leads me to wonder why do males and females have such an issue with each other when it is clear to see that without either of the sexes the human race would cease to exist!.

If there were no women ( mother, sister, aunt, grandmother) we wouldn’t have children to continue the population but, in the same vein without a single male in existence, we wouldn’t have pregnancy which means no babies ( no continuation of humanity). So why with this knowledge do we continue to ostracize each other in a bid to become the dominant or more needed of the sexes???…

We live in this place totally Off-Grid in the land of Aus and find that with everything we do, we as a family and community would not survive without the support of the opposite sex, even with all the aggravation and annoyance that each other can cause ( him dragging grass in, me the endless comments of messiness) we wouldn’t be able to survive without each other.

In these situations we need to pull together as a team, community, family structure to be able to live and play in the area we live and we don’t have time to hate each other or ostracize the opposite sex as we need them to save our arse, whether it be a raging fire about to take our homes or medical situations that we are more equipped to deal with we still need each other.

I know, I know, we can always turn to medical science to provide us with that baby that we long for but don’t women  realise that despite the advances within medical science they still haven’t come up with a synthetic composition for the egg or sperm needed to create the 23 chromosomes needed to produce a little baby, in fact they still need both women and men to provide them with donations of both these vital substances in order to be able to make a baby.

So with all this said is the violence against women either verbal or physical really warranted as without them you really wouldn’t exist, and is all the hatred against men needed as without them we wouldn’t be here either.

In this instance do you have issues with the opposite sex ( hate them unconditionally ) or do you see the need for us to live together and work as one for the continued existence of the human race???…

Personally ( and I mean me not others opinions) I think we as a person, mother, friend and lover of peace we should put away the claws and learn that without each other we can’t live or survive.

To view to video click this link Miscarriage HOW TO DEAL – OFF-GRID Living AU, add your comment about what you think life is like with the opposite sex and would you wish to see them in pain to get someone back from a wrong perceived happened when you were young……





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2 thoughts on “Negativity between the sexes

  1. Wow, what an angry response from the man commenting in the video! My sister miscarried several times before carrying her first child full term. It must be a horrendous thing to go through. I myself have always known that I will never have children but I can certainly empathise with women who do have issues.

    As for the angry comments man….. firstly, if he is ‘disliked by every woman around him’ then perhaps the problem lies not with all the women, but just the one individual…….

    And secondly, did his mother never teach him: ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?’ ….. clearly she didn’t teach him anything. What a sad example of someone who has grown up un-loved. Let’s be thankful he has not reproduced.

    Well done on the diplomatic and reserved responses to his hateful comments.

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