Electronic Dependency

AHHH, have you ever been the one person in a place that is not staring at your mobile device??, you can’t remember well thats probably because you where staring at you BLOODY PHONE..

The other day I went to the doctors, pathology, imaging, chemist and a couple of other long wait places where you spend a minimum of 30 minutes waiting and started to realise that I was the only person that really was present in the room the rest from child to nanna’s where glued to their mobile devices not doing anything just staring.

What happened to the good old days where you sat in these places saw the old men with their arms crossed staring straight ahead, the rest of the people flicking through the magazines on the table and the children playing with the toys o the floor. Not one person in any of these areas even picked up a magazine or looked at the person next to them and if they happened to take a sly glance they VERY quickly looked back at their mobile device and resumed the stare.

So should we ask al these places to replace the usual magazines with an ipad or two, maybe a couple of computers and a few mobile phones for us to stare at cause clearly the magazines are no longer an incitement to avoid eye contact.

How often have you heard someone say even in the past month that they went and saw a concert, show, play, sporting event and you ask them what it was like and they answer ” oh yeah cool man, totally got it all on my phone” this means that they don’t actually remember what they saw unless they watch it second hand on their own phone, they missed the whole bloody lot how stupid is that that you need to rely on your phone to remember something that you went to see in person!

Frankly for me I like to remember what I see, do and where I go and not rely on the imaging capabilities of the electronic device that is floating somewhere in my car. We take the usual camera with us to take picture and if you follow our Instagram account you will see that we are defiantly not very good at keeping the photos coming because we are to busy living in the moment, creating memories for ourselves and having fun, we are not needing to have our devices jog our memories or be our medial temporal lobe ( limbic system ) which is  relevant to processing our memories.

Do I love this day an age of total device control? NO WAY, in fact to me and others should start to see it this way to and they might just start to regain some semblance of individuality, it is akin to communism which is where we are all controlled by one thing ( yeah a little bit of a stretch but, whatever works right).

Come on all you wonderful, creative, individual people out their , take control of your life and put the electronic devices away and live in the moment not through artificial intelligence. Leave them at home and HAVE FUN AND BE ONE WITH YOUR LIFE.




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