Your FINANCIALS FIXED – by the NON- Expert

Finances, hmm, they can be a problem can’t they! Well I think it depends and before I go to far I will say straight up that I am neither a financial advisor or professional in this subject it is totally my views and opinions only.

So why are we all struggling to live within our means these days? is it because we are so determined to keep up with the Jones or that we have simply become to lazy to support ourselves on a day-to-day basis?.

I reckon that it is a bit of both, I think that because the Jones have a big fancy car, house, pool, boat, caravan etc we need to have the same. Of cause that isn’t the only thing we have become to lazy to cook our own food and rely on takeaway 7 days a week and when we do go do the groceries we decide to engage in wholesale package purchases, for instance why not buy a BIG block of cheese and cut it into cubes, grate it and slice it for a MUCH cheaper price than purchasing the shredded, cubed and sliced cheese doubling/tripling the price and packaging that you brought….this is a major GO FIGURE thing for me.

Why wouldn’t you make smarter choices instead of going to work EVERY day stressed out to the max waiting for your next pay cheque to arrive so that it can be spent on all those things that you NEED NOW and the can’t be bothered cooking breakfast, lunch and dinners days and then the final OMG I don’t get paid for another 5 days and will have to stick fuel on the credit card.

So now that I have said all this surely I must have some sort of idea as to how to fix it… Well as someone who thinks she is ALWAYS right, I do and I am about to give you my formula for life’s financial fun. READY

  • COOK and eat at HOME


  • GET RID of the boat you have only used twice in 5 years and rent one when you want a holiday ( your still paying for it anyway)

  • The CARAVAN that you DESPERATELY needed and only drag out 1-2 times a year why not sell it after all you are still paying for it as well and NEVER have the time to use it. ( you can hire these as well you know)

Okay so the things above will probably have you seeing red and thinking that I am being overly critical and opinionated ( you are right of cause) and I feel that but, in all honesty this is my true secret that I have used for years and of cause is not without fault but it works 95% of the time for us.

Stuart, being a Beekeeper only gets paid at the end of the month and this is only if we have honey in drums to sell. My work has me get money fortnightly and some monthly payments which means that we really have to be super careful not to get excited when money comes in as it really has to last a fair while. So to make this last I take every bill that is a standard within our lives and do this.

  • Get the average total of each bill for the year and then divide it by 26 ( number of fortnight’s in the year ). so if the rates are $1500 a year divide by 26 = $57.69

  • I would pay that $57.70 every fortnight so that when the bill did arrive I wouldn’t have to worry about finding the $1500.

  • I do this with Telstra, rates, fuel, Rego, gas, and if I had Electricity, water, and other bills would do the same. ( with the fuel & Rego I add that to an account so that it is ready to go when delivered to our property).

I have used this same formula for the last 20 years and converted my husband to this when we got together and he finds that it is a lot more efficient and economical and most importantly LOW STRESS.

We have found also that we have far more disposable cash this way and that means we can enjoy life a little more.

I know what you are probably thinking to, that we must only have 1 car, eat like poor people with little variations etc, well guess what we have two large cars ( large family) truck for beekeeping, forklift, and a business, home mortgage and a few other heavy expense items. We do own our vehicles and only have Rego but non the less without proper financial management we could get into trouble pretty quickly.

On that note, we have had some seriously tough times and the system that we use is only as good as the money coming in, without the money you are hard up and if it hadn’t been for a couple of REALLY good friends who if they read this will know who they are we would have had two unregistered vehicles just last year, so we thank them so much they saved our arse at that time.

Sometimes in life you have to take a step back and simplify your life before you can go ahead, and in my opinion the first step is get back to family and don’t worry what the Jones have because the bank is the one that really owns it anyway… Do you want the bank to control you???

Remember I am NO professional on finances just a person that has the finger on this families financial pulse.




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