Travelling with kids – Aussie Style.

When you travel with kids and decide you want to camp what do you think, is it more a glamping idea or the let’s get down and dirty version?

We travel with our 4 children all the time and we have done the comfort of a high-rise apartment beside the beach right down to swags on the ground. This isn’t for any particular reason except their mother is super impulsive (much to the suffering of their poor father) and can suddenly decide that going home is more effort than camping out, so we end up in either a cabin, swag, motel, van park etc all depending on what facilities I have in the car ( or what Stuart has left in the car ( who takes baby wipes out of the car really Stu)).

In all these times that this has happened Stuart has been fine with the choices but like me has found the beds VERY, VERY inconsistent in the comfort department and I always swear to him to think it through next time but, the kids have woken up fresh with every single place or piece of dirt we have camped on with their only complaint being “why does mummy HAVE to have COFFEE before we have breakfast” the poor suffering children don’t quite get it that without the endless supply of the coffee tin kept in the car they wouldn’t have heads.

So with all this said do we really need to pay a fortune for our children to have a blast on a holiday??? I think today’s society is so geared towards commercialisation that we don’t realise that a box, tent or pile of mud will keep kids happier then the fancy toys, hotels and food.

We now have a camper trailer that we travel around in and is super basic (mum doesn’t do things normally so if it isn’t basic it want to get done right) it has a sink at the back with a stove, two gas bottles and a couple of Jerry can slots for water ( fuel Stu reckons). This setup is fabulous for us, the kids love to travel and get itchy feet all the time or what we refer to as cabin fever here and all start to get snarky with each other ( as do the adults) that’s when we know it is time for a day-two trip out of the area.

We take them fishing, boating, marshmallow scorching and just general camping out and about but the one thing we ALWAYS do is ask the kids what they would LOVE to see or do on the next trip and try to incorporate one of their choices ( impossible for all four, they wouldn’t agree on the destination). The last trip to Australia Zoo was down to Roger, ( and we had to go up there) who absolutely loves wildlife or just animals, bugs and creepy crawlies in general, so that was his trip.

We travel out many times in a school term but are always home in the school holiday’s, we try to do at least 4 x 1 week holidays a year which is awesome for us as we do a lot of overnighters and two night outings. So is the get down and dirty style the best form of camping, holiday???

Yeah, I think I have answered my own question and would really recommend the down and dirty variety of camp out with the kids as even the teenagers we know travel out prefer this ruffing it style of camping as opposed to the TV, and electronic version.

Get out, Get dirty and have fun with the family in the mass of commercial free destinations that Australia has to offer, or follow us here so you can read about them and purchase our photos from the Y-Hippy Shop or maybe the arts and craft that the Hippies make, Purchase a  native tree to help re-vegetation from Lantana, a fruit tree, or add a beehive to your supporting list….The only thing I can say is whatever you choose have fun, be free and live the life you LOVE..



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