Best yoga to do with children – ANY !

Omg the kids don’t give up, I can’t even do my yoga to de-stress as the kids keep climbing on me. I just want ME time you know.

Sound familiar, thought so. Stop overthinking the situation and let yourself just chill ( after all that’s the whole idea of Yoga any how) if you can do this you will find that having you children around could be more fun then hindrance and I mean a lot more fun.

Yoga was never meant to be an over stressful activity, it was meant to bring together your mind, body, soul and breathe and when you allow these to become one you will find that having your children around will make your whole yoga session more in-depth, enjoyable and by the end the endorphins you have released with them around will leave you on a high for HOURS.

When you hear your yoga teacher talk does he/she ever mention letting your inner child out and enjoying the moment?? Well the quickest way is to let your children release their child on the mat next to you and I promise that when you do this and remove the over controlling adult in yourself, your inner child will come out so quickly that you will get a fabulous connection with your mind, body, breath and soul and the best bit is that you child and you will create an unforgettable bond in those sessions.

So give it a go and have a barrel of laughs with your kids well you are doing your yoga practice ❤️❤️❤️


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