TRAVEL Review: Australia Zoo

We decided to travel to Queensland to pick up our camper trailer for our children’s home schooling adventures and as we where so close to Beewah we decided that the best idea was to go into Australia zoo for our latest school project. The project of the next 5 weeks is finding, doing, eating and making things with the letter of the week and this weeks letter is R so of cause that was the starting point of our fun.

So I know that you can find LOADS of information about Australia Zoo online and some positive and negative reviews on the subject. I have decided to make this review about the experience not a sales pitch for the zoo as we are independent reviewers and not paid to do their marketing for them so we will leave it to their website to do that for itself.

We rolled up to the Zoo about 11am and had plans to stay for a maximum of 4 hours due to us travelling back that evening. The car-parking was easy to navigate and had plenty of room for the school holiday rush that will be on in a week or so and we where able to park up even with our trailer on. It was easy access in and our with a short walk to the main gate which is super important when you have eager little ones and as car parks go this is a pleasure.

Walking down to the main gate they had bin facilities and a smokers section as the zoo itself is Non-smoking but, saying that they have provided a space for those within the zoo that need to have the occasional puff.

On going to the entrance to purchase our tickets we where meet by a very pleasant lady who chatted openly to ourselves and the children. We paid $189 for a family of 5 which is two adults and 3 children, children under three are free entry and I know that a lot of people seem to have a problem with the entry price but to us it was fair and reasonable as this price also covers any rides and programs that they wish to see and anyway lets face it feeding animals is expensive and the prices set for people to enter was really low considering. Map in hand we are set to take ourselves around the zoo.


The map they gave us was easy to follow but, so were the sign posted areas along the way. The zoo was clean with toilets and parent change rooms located evenly around the zoo and there are PLENTY of gift shops around for you to pick up a gift from the zoo, say that about gift shops though they have a few interesting different types that you wouldn’t expect like the one in between south-east Asia and Africa which sell buddhas, incense and other gift products that are from those regions which I absolutely loved as it is right up my alley.

They also have an array of large dinosaur sculptures that the kids LOVED as they could climb on them and learn a little about the pre-historic animals that predated the crocodile of today.DSC00140.JPG

Although fierce-looking the kids loved the interactive qualities of them as they could wrestle the crocodile just like the legendary Steve Irwin used to, and also see what the giant crocodile might have eaten in its day.DSC00126.jpg

Roger, loves wombats and that was one of the main features of his trip to the zoo ( any zoo/wildlife park really) and was over the moon when he found so keepers taking one for a walk and got to pat him. He was also and usually is one of the few people besides Stuart that I would see trying to catch a lizard that was quite happily going about his business.


Roger, capture a lizard as we walked through the native bee sanctuary. Stuart and Roger love to see native bees being protected and encouraged to grow numbers in the natural environment


One of the local wombats that live at the zoo.

The day was full despite the fact that we had decided due to travel timing that we would call it around the 4 hour mark. In that time we saw Dingo’s, Tasmanian devils, crocodiles, bird and crocodile educational session, pythons, snakes, tigers, kangaroos, the kids zoo which contained the piglets, goats and sheep and a whole lot more and a few that I had never heard nor seen ever before.

The staff where friendly and always busy but very helpful if a question was asked and the zoo itself was SO, SO clean with most visitors taking the choice to throw their rubbish in the plentiful rubbish bins provided by the Australian Zoo team.


For families with children I would defiantly suggest that you bring your own food unless you don’t mind the usual takeaway styles of food as it is expensive but, know more than most other takeaway places. We spent $60 on food and that was 3 juice boxes, an avocado sushi roll, 2 small boxes of potato gems, a small box of chips and a gourmet chicken, avocado burger with sweet potato chips. I can’t say the last item rocked my world as there was no flavour on the burger and for the taste and $19 I had expected more, the sweet potato chips where awesome though.

The overall rating out of 10 would defiantly be a 9 out of 10 and that is only losing points due to the food side. Stuart and I have already decided to go there again with the kids but take our own food and drinks and also plan the day a little better so that we get the most out of it which simply means that we will start there at 9am and go back to our camper trailer by 5pm and enjoy the whole day on the Australia Zoo site.

A well set up plan for Australia Zoo as with most other theme parks and nature outings is the best way to go, so grab your family and enjoy the wonderful time to be had at Australia Zoo. ❤️






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