Home Schooling ( un-schooling ) life…

We are homes schooling our 4 children on our isolated property in NSW, Australia. Most people believe that home schooling is complicated, time-consuming and ties you down to a stay at home lifestyle that never allows you to escape your children or the area you school them in.

This has to be one of the most naive things that I have heard about home schooling but also one of the most miss understood and relevant questions that you can ever ask a home schooling parent.

In Australia there are many forms of home schooling and also the un-schooling method and these are not complicated to use or sign up to and they also give a lot of freedom once you settle into a routine of how you want it to flow with your family.

Most people try to fit their lives around home schooling their children to start with and I myself am one that did this. After some guidance from other un-schoolers and homeschooling parents I realised that your don’t have to fit into the homeschooling but the home schooling has to fit into your life other wise it become difficult and more of a burden than a joy.

Home schooling for us is great as we use a satellite education system so the children get 2-3 face to face lessons for 1/2 and hour each a week with the other class members, the system I am on is also partial artefact base which means that I take videos and photos of what the children are doing and send them to the teachers so that the can correlate what they are learning against the states curriculum.

Un-schooling is where the parent allows the child to learn through self-expression and make their own curriculums for their Childs education allowing the child to self pace and guild the parent as to where they are in the learning process. This form of system allows the artistic side of the brain ( right side)  to develop to its fullest potential before moving into the academic side of life with the left hand side of the brain..

I utilise this form of teaching along with some modern methods to allow our children’s creativity to blossom and have them slowly show me the stages that they are comfortable with academics and using this has shown me that they are far more confident children and open to ideas along with curious and eager to learn new things when I decide to trot them out.

Homeschooling your children is super versatile and so much fun. Your getting the whole experience without the negative impacts of institutions. #homeschoolingrocks

One example of this was when I was told that Nayer had to be a level 9 reader before the end of kindy I started to push her and she went from loving to sit with mummy to becoming nervous about reading to me. Once I took away the books and started telling her stories and having her tell me stories her curiosity for reading started to flourish over time and now she is starting to pick up books and sound out and read words as she develops the confidence within herself.

This showed me that allowing instead of pushing your child makes them a far rounder person as opposed to a stressed out child that is so worried about what needs to be done and starts to forget what it is like to be a child.

What I am saying is that you had children to be part of your life and enjoy family with them, so why not make that a greater part of your life by adding your own style of teaching into your child’s life and remove the robotic way of teaching that the schools are forced to teach these days. Remember that when your child goes to school they just become a number instead of a human being and they are expected to keep up with the class or get left behind.

When you teach your child yourself you become active in their lives, you take them with you, travel to different places outside of designated holidays, teach them about social situations, give them life’s experiences which they learn from. All these things can’t be taught in a classroom setting and with todays curriculum your child is learning stuff that is more appropriate to late teen children not you primary school child.

Your child is the future of this world, do you want them to be free thinkers or robotic in the way they live, do you want them to question, explore, enjoy life or just become another university applicant without thought to what they really want to do??? For our family we want them to all be free to do the things they would like in life, explore the places they want to and not to be held down by the expectations that you must go to university get a huge debt and either work in a job you begin to hate or do another university course before we realise that they always hated this and they did it because of the expectations they perceived where on them.

Grab your kids and begin to love life again by teaching them yourselves.  



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