Product review: ROCKY POINT -Active 8 soil & planting mix

Growing veggies in the winter is always a little more complicated than summer and spring but, when you are prone to minus degrees and heavy frost, high winds and below average water supply it can become a little more tricky.

The average time for veggies to reach maturity is between 6-12 weeks depending on the plant and soil that is in use but for us we are finding that they remain seedlings for a lot longer than maturation.

We planted Brussel sprouts, cauli, spinach, bok choi, celery, garlic, spring onions, carrots, parsnips, strawberries, dill, parsley, Calendula, marigolds, and swedes. These veggies are all really generally good over winter but, we are finding that the celery and spring onions aren’t really liking the frosty mornings, garlic of cause want be ready till late spring anyway and as for the rest they are all still small but green and healthy.

All these were planted 3-4 weeks ago and defiantly want be ready in the next few weeks but they should taste amazing as they are all organically grow and given daily love and care. The Strawberries and carrots are Nayer, Roger and Rubin’s projects and come spring the Strawberries will look and taste AMAZING and in the next 4-5 weeks there carrots will be ready to pull.

When we plant our crops we add premium soil mix to the beds as we have poor soil quality in our area that needs a lot of conditioning. The family also takes little trips in the local area to collect cow and horse manure and of cause we provide our own chicken manure.With all this premium goodness we add it to our compost heap with plenty of hay and worm eggs to help produce fabulous mixes of organic compost.

We have found this amazing product that we are using at the moment call Active 8 soil improver and planting mix, we have found that this particular mix is filled with all the nutrients and fertilisers that your garden needs and really helps the plants to grow better than any other that I have used ( I have used and purchased a lot of different soil mixes). The reason that I went to the product was after a fellow homeschooling family showed me this brand and the fact that it is ORGANIC and comes in both 30 – 50L bags, to us as a family this is vital, also as a large family we can’t exactly spend huge amounts of money on mixes that promise and don’t deliver, this product is both financially, family and garden friendly at between $7-$12 a bag depending on size this is a fantastic price especially for the amounts we use.

The only problem that I have found with this product is the lack of suppliers and that we had to visit the Rocky Point website to find suppliers in our areas of travel and I still had to travel a long way off route to get what I needed so ended up purchasing each shops stock that I could get but, saying that it has been totally worth the effort.

Placing this product into our gardens has made a huge difference in the beds that were planted with crops as opposed to the beds that we had another cheap soil mix in and price for price this product still came out on top in the price breakdown and with the added ph balanced conditioning and the water retention ability this one was not only cheaper but performed better than the other.

The climate however is what is stunting the growth of our veggies, although they are small and defiantly healthy, when the reach maturity they will be delicious and nutritious.

Well happy gardening all you beautiful people and may your veggies fill your bellies with good health and nutritious, delicious meals…❤️



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