WOOHOO for cow shit.!!!

Not the most attractive title I know but you have to put your hands together for the modest cow shit, it produces the best veggies in your garden and makes a fabulous base for your compost heaps which means lowering your gardening cost as your never having to buy in dirt, man-made fertilisers or any of that other crap you pick up thinking you’re doing the best for your plants.

Yeah I know, you’re wondering if I am a horticulturist, hmm NAH, just someone who loves the taste of fresh fruit and veggies and wants to know that what I feed my beautiful children is full of organic goodness straight from mother earth to them.

Here is the deal all those awesome bags of fertiliser that your paying a mottzer for in Bunnings and other stores like them have cow poo in them and although they say it has been washed you will still get grass seeds pop up in your garden bed after application, this is exactly the same as the stuff out of the paddock.

We have all heard about the drought and farmers doing it tough and we all know that you are going to spend good money at a commercial store to buy your chook and cow poo products so why not check out your local cattle farmer or back yard chook breeder and help them out by paying $20 for a pile of organic material that comes plastic free and is environmentally friendly giving you and your family the added benefits of having the best tasting tomatoes and lettuces of your life.

What are you waiting for, if you are still reading this then you’re not checking out the local shit produces…..

Off to grow Veggies now



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