Epic Fail — Big Pretender

Ever had one of those moments when you think everything is going just great and the world is turning the way it should??? Well today was that day until 10 minutes ago, I gave Nayer a cooking lesson we made short bread dough and then I had a brain storm to make a lemon tart, which is AMAZING but, using half her poppyseed dough. So preheated the oven and rolled out the dough and here it comes the MEGA STUFF up.

I had to blind bake the tart shell so I put the baking paper under the dough and the beads on top of the dough put it in the oven and pulled it out in 12 minutes to remove the beads… ANYONE pick up what stuffed up the base yet, yeah figured you would I put the paper under instead of in the case so the beads where impossible to remove especially since I had to remove them by hand one at a bloody time.

Finally go the beads out, the shell looks like Gypsy our two year old attacked it and its back in the oven ( in disrepair but still good ) I kind of stuck it together like a horror film skin grafting session.

In goes the lemon filling and the fingers are crossed that despite the look it will taste AWESOME.

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