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Guide to HomeSchooling – OFF-GRID

It sounds great doesn’t it to home school your children and live an off grid lifestyle!! Well it is better than that it is fantastic BUT, how do you do this and keep your sanity and the lovely natural colour in your hair…

Gypsy emptying potatoes on the floor helping mummies hair change colour. …

I off grid, home school all of our children and the two eldest are now doing a satellite ( school of the air ) version with artefact based learning. What this means is that they do face to face classes for half an hour each online and the rest we send photos, videos and artefacts back about what we have achieved.

My eldest son was partially home schooled and had special needs he is now 19 and lives his own life and is very happy, when I had him I was young and had to be very VERY regimented in everything I did so that he was able to work and feel comfortable with the day to day activities….. Fast forward to now and I can’t say that I am either organised or regimented in anything that I do but instead I am now very free and easy with my time which now causes a whole NEW set of problems as home schooling requires some of those skills that I had acquired over the previous years.

Being a little easy going or as Stuart would say mellowed has made home schooling a little more stressful for me but at the same time quite easy as I am not regulated by the time frame that is set by the department of education in NSW. The downside is that they send you SO MUCH paper work that I never get it sorted and if I do Gypsy our beautiful angelic two year old spreads them from arsehole to breakfast time which is bad Bad BAD for the sanity of her mummy..

So I have decided that the best way to achieve sanity and keep my natural hair colour is to live a little more minimalistic and ask the school to email me the work so that I can print the work as needed instead of having piles of papers, books, arts materials laying around getting trashed by one toddler that thinks no is code for scream until your brothers or sister gives it to you to shut up.

Home schooling though is a wonderful experience and fabulous for both parents and children as it creates a deep bond as well as a lot of patients and understanding as every child learns a different way and has a very different personality.

Do you remember as a child growing up when you where with your brothers and sisters your parents had the concept that you all should know the same thing at the same time and should be at the same place physically, mentally and educationally…. Well guess what they where wrong about that children are all very different in all things even if they are twins they learn differently, they have different personalities and behaviours.

So why if this is the case would you put your children into a school where they are expected to learn at the same level as everyone else when they may find some subjects easier and want to plough ahead and others challenging and fall behind.

Home schooling really helps to work at the pace they need to in every subject, for example Nayer my eldest daughter is fabulous at maths and art but struggles with phonetics where Roger LOVES phonics, maths and art but really HATES having to do writing or and sort of sit down work, Rubin our pre-schooler just dislikes all stationary work but thinks playing in the sand pit, digging in the garden, building with dad, playing with the dog more enjoyable then painting or other paper, glue mess making exercises.

I mentioned to the people I go through that I wanted to teach a Rudolf Steiner school method and have my children able to travel as well as do more outdoor work that in side so that the have the grounding of the earth while they learn how to read, write, play, sing and have fun.

Photo on 16-05-2018 at 9.28 am.jpg
Roger, doing is reluctant satellite lesson…

To become a home schooling parent wether living of grid or not is a decision you made to be closer to your children and become more proactive in their education, with this in mind you have to remember every time you get over whelmed why you started this process and take a step back and realise that whatever way you teach your children your are doing an amazing job and that the education system that you have decided to go through is there to help you with this process and make the education of your children as enjoyable for them as it is for you so talk to them about your fears, worries and thoughts about how you want to educate your children.

Nayer and Rubin doing phonics together…





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