The use of medical Marijuana ? Good-Bad

So here it is I am going to give you a pile of facts on medical marijuana uana and I would love for you to share this post so that we can have a lovely discussion about the subject that everyone is hellbent on making Taboo. When you have finished reading this article let us know what your thoughts of the subject is and wether you think the use of this Plant based, man made chemical free substance. Is good or bad.

Medical marijuana is a non TCH substance or very low, the THC is the stuff that makes you high the medical version has CBD this particular substance attaches to the problem with in the body and makes it feel better.

I have done and still doing a lot of research on this subject as I was told that it is good for Crohn’s disease I have found that medical companies really don’t want you using it as it is accessible for next to nothing if you grow or make products yourself but the catch to growing it yourself is that it’s illegal and you risk getting caught. The other reason that medical, pharmacitical companies don’t want you to get hold of it is they can’t make the millions they do out of far less effective drugs…..of course that last statement is my opinion and may differ greatly from others. So that is the simplistic version of what I am about to tell you and I will warn you that there is going to be technical terms in this that I had to look up myself while researching and will give you the meaning.

Now marijuana comes in a fantastically named and extensive varieties and this in its self is hard to remember let alone follow but, medical marijuana is made from either low THC plants and made in a variety of ways that increase the benefits of the medicine for the particular illness, disease that you are needing for example epilepsy medication in marijuana is completely different levels of CBD as opposed to back pain which is a higher THC to CBD ration….and no you don’t get high or sleepy as opposed to say a morphine or opiate based pharmaceutical based drug.

So THC what is it?? Well it’s true name is  tetrahydrocannabinol and this compound is the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant more or less this is the compound that Gi Es you the 1970’s stoner effect, glassy eyes, floating and so on better ask a smoker the effects of this as personally my couple of times smoking it made me feel sleepy and dizzy both which I don’t like. The effect was high tended due to me never smoking it and the fact I never take medications so really lite not the usual effect.

The CBD is actually the cannabinol compound which you probably have heard about in the media it is the part of the plant that doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects which all in all means you don’t get the euphoric effect which is not what recreational users would want but what someone taking it to control pain or convulsions would want.

Now that the CBD and THC are explained now the historical usages of marijuana , the Greeks would use marijuana on war wounded horses by dressing their wounds with marajuana battle and they also used it themselves to treat earache, pain,etc…..The mid west brought marijuana in the 1839’s when the Irish doctor William O’Shaunghnessy saw how it could be used in a medical fashion, he then studies it and brought it to England as a treatment for pain, muscular spasms , epilepsy and rhumatisum.

Ancient Egypt was the first notable user of marajuana as a treatment for tumours, this was done in the 2nd century and was found on papyrus. Interestingly marijuana was listed on the United States pharmacopeia from 1851-1941 and was only removed in 1942 and is now slowly coming back in some states of America.

so history shows us that the use of marijuana has been used for medical purposes right through history. So what are the benefits of medical use as opposed to pharmaceutical anti depressants, opioids and other drugs within the legal system???.

Well for The chronically ill it reduces pain, frees the mind of tension and helps them to live a happy normal life.

The diseases and illnesses that it helps are extensive and here is a small list to start it off.

  • Chronic back pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer pain
  • Muscular spasms
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders

And that is just the ones that jump out with out all the others…. so it begs the question “why not use marijuana for medical purposes”

Now that I have added this small amount of information what are your thoughts???

Should we have marijuana legal for medical purposes world wide and why???? Let me know


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