Vegan / Vegetarian is it that HARD REALLY!!!

I have to ask, how hard is it really to get the concept of vegan or vegetarianism???? Quite simply they are easy to implement into your life and not that hard to understand. I thought I would put an easy peasy guild together for all those that struggle with the Vegan _ Vegetarian _ Normal food lifestyles.


These guys eat…. only plant based products…. Including and not limited to veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes ETC

These guys don’t eat…. anything that comes from an animal…..including meat ( fish, pork, beef, chicken, insects etc), eggs, honey, milk, cheese, yogurt, chocolate made on milk ( all dairy) etc.

However…… These guys get extra nutrients from certified packaged goods if they don’t understand nutrients and how to get the best out of the food they eat and as we know packaging is bad for the environment and as most packaged products contain plastic, foil etc it ends up in landfill, rivers, oceans, seas breaks down to micro plastics which animals absorb and slowly works its way up the food chain till toxin levels soar and the poor animal dies in agony…..

 POINT TO LAST STATEMENT…… buy in bulk, carry your own baskets, refuse to buy things with excess packaging and watch David Attenbourgh Blue Plant 2.


food veg

Now for the Vegetarians……

Well I am a veggie head and we eat everything except meat products unless you are a Pescetarians. basically we eat everything you do barr meat products and these are all meat products not just some meat products…beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, sausages, bacon etc you get what I am saying.


Pescetarians are vegetarians that add fresh, salt water fish and seafoods to their other wise vegetarian diets, these people are usually of Italian origin but, a lot of people adopt this way as a way to either feel better about not having red meat. In saying they don’t eat land based animals in their diet.

The we come to the funky cross waters Pollo vegetarian…..

Instead of eating fish in their diets they eat chicken but no other meats and they eat all other veggies, grains….usual veggie head stuff

So there you have it vegetarian, vegan and clubs according to design……the one thing I am clear on is that a true Vegan shouldn’t have any animal products in their life this includes leather and I know many that purport to be vegans but are wearing leather shoes, using leather handbags, sitting on leather couches and the amount of packaging that they dispose of due to their vegan diet is amazing.

Whatever diet you choose it is totally down to you, your body, your families needs and your morals but, I urge all that live and eat what they choose to be tolerant of those that choose their own ways and not hound, belittle, deride and abuse them for their choices….

I am a Vegetarian and have been for years, I buy vegan cooking books because they have a far better scope for inspiration then vegetarian books. I have a family of six and very physically active husband that likes to eat vegetarian but requires meat for energy when he is more physical then not, I have 1 child that loves meat and would eat it all day if she could, another that only wants fruits and raw veggies and then the last to just happy to eat whatever mums cooking…

This shows that you can’t dictate to others what they should or shouldn’t eat as everyones body is different and needs totally different types of food to survive. I know so many people that have tried to live vegan and it nearly killed them, this is due to either not getting the nutrient balances right or your body putting up a fight over what it truly needs… My ex- vegetarian friends tried it a few times over the years to be more conscious but it made it hard for them when they already ate a healthy diet that was good for them.

Unless you have a pressing urge to change your diet the do your research don’t just dive in as it may not be right for you. Seek medical and nutritional advice, find your dosha and if you do decide to give a dietary change a go don’t feel bad if you don’t stick to it….

I add recipes to our youtube channel – Yoga Hippies which are vegan and vegetarian, they are also flavoursome and great ways to try different foods without taking the full on plunge….if you like our channel then SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE or come and join our Patreon community    and click the link below to become a patron today so that we can keep writing and making our yoga lifestyle videos on youtube.


You are where you need to be right now…..embrace and accept who you are…..

Love to all,




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