5 Yoga poses for Happiness

There is joy in us all but, sometimes finding it can be a little challenging due to our busy lifestyles, family commitments, money issues etc. So today we are going to tap into that happiness and bring a little bit more light into your life with these top five yoga poses that support a happy out and inside.

I have bad days and well today hasn’t gotten off to the best start with Gypsy getting me up a few times last night due to illness, Rubin deciding at 3.30am that he was terrified of the dark, only getting one coffee before 8am and my usual breakfast lacking flavour due to a berry shortage in the freezer. Well that seems to have set the course for the day with one thing after the other just happening to happen.

I decided to start to write this after remembering to take a few VERY deep breaths, reminding myself that I love my children and am grateful to be able to share their lives and that it is only stuff that has gone wrong not anyone I loves health so I should be able to chill out and do some yoga and then write this blog…..

Well here I am with Gypsy sitting beside me legs up on the computer keyboard as we finished our happy yoga. So here they are my top five for an awesome happy, stress free day..

Grab your mat and lets do some Happy Baby.

This is an awesome pose that even the name should bring a smile to your dial when said and one that needs little instruction apart from just chill….Lay down on your back give both knees a huge hug ( aids in digestion and lower back release) and the grab both big toes with your peace fingers, bring the knees to beside you but really just be guided by the way your hips and hamstrings feel. No pain means your a happy baby….. relax in this for up to 5 minutes rolling your lower spine as you feel necessary this will give a lovely lower back massage.


Next lets chill in Camel pose, Or at least have fun moving up and down.

This doesn’t have to look or feel like your trying to bend over backwards like an out of shape pretzel but instead can be enjoyed doing the variations which include placing the hands at the base of the spine to release though the hips yet support your body from going past where it needs to be, flowing the arms round as though your doing back stroke but in a gentle, enjoyable way. Whichever way you go whether full camel, or any variation just make sure you feel no pain and follow the directions for your our body.


OMG, you can’t go past extended forward fold, this feels like your releasing everything that bugs you out f the top of your head, it releases relaxing happy drugs in the body and helps you sleep better. That has to make you happier.


Then There is the obvious if you need to burn off energy and really get the body warm and moving thats Sun salutation. This can be done slow, or as a vinyasa but it really is an all over body warmup on its own and that always makes everyone happy. When we do things like this it releases endorphins into the body along with dopamine which are the bodies natural happy drugs…..


Last but defiantly NOT least is reclined bound angle pose ( I call it angle pose as it sounds pretty ). Enjoy this even in bed, prop your lower spine up with a rolled blanket or pillow, lay back bring your feet together and knees up and just RELAX. this is one of the most therapeutic asanas in my arsenal I LOVE IT, i do it every night before bed ( actually fall asleep in it ) and my husband loves this pose. So give these a go and let me know if they had a happy outcome for you and if you enjoyed them.


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Love & Light to all

Yoga Hippies



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