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Yoga for Depression

You have to wonder if the good doctor prescribing those happy pills is a cop out or a genuine need  when a person comes in with symptoms of depression! I don’t know but I think that we really need to take a step back from pharmaceutical and try some alternatives first! what do you think should you be prescribed tablets for depression before other avenues have been looked at?????

Well instead of causing a massive debate and upset in the pro’s and con’s camps I decided that I would put together an easy to follow yoga routine that is beneficial for depression.

The sequence below is great for creating that beautiful space and cultivating a clear view of mental and emotional health, which after all is what everyone wants….Who wants to rely on medications if there is a simple stimulating yoga sequence that we can apply to our weekly, daily lifestyle that can be done in the time it takes for the billy to boil.

This sequence is great for beginner to intermediate yoga students but please remember to listen to your body and only go where it likes and don’t push….You should never be in pain and should feel yourself at the end of your stretch. ENJOY…

Start out warming your body up in classical Surya Namaskar sequence This sequence will warm every muscle so repeat it through on each side twice….The link above is a picture that has the whole sequence in it with names and breathing ques.

once you have finished and ended your salute to the sun sequence ( surya namaskar) and you are back in tadasana ( mountain ) come into Tree pose bringing your leg to your inner thigh and breathing deeply as you engage your muscles and hold for at least10 breaths on both sides


From here exhale as you bring your legs back to centre and hands to prayer ( in front of chest) Step your left leg back and bring yourself into high lunge or warrior one

warrior 1.jpg

Remain here for 5 breathes on left inhale bring yourself back to tadasana and then step back your right leg back and repeat this for 5 breathes before returning to tadasana.

Moving from Tadasana into warrior two bringing arms to shoulder height, rolling them down and back and remaining here for 5 breathes on the left hand side.


As you finish on the left straighten the front leg and rotate your hips to centre bringing your toes into a slight pigeon point and your hands to heart centre. Inhale all the way up lengthening the spine and then exhale as you swan drive forward into an extended forward fold.


relax here letting gravity bring you down ( place blocks/books under arms if can’t reach the floor) stay here for 10 breathes allowing your body, mind and spirit to release all tension and stress from the mind. As you release from this bring your hands to your waste as you exhale back to standing.

Open back out into warrior two pose on the right side, making sure knee doesn’t go over your toes and that your shoulders are down and back remain here for 5 breathes.


On your last exhalation step to the front of your mat back into tadasana and breath in stretching your arms tall above your head, as you exhale swan drive down into uttanasana.


Cross the arms taking elbow to elbow and remain here for 5 breathes. On the last exhalation place the hands onto the mat with knees bent and step back into downward facing dog.


Remain here for 5 breaths before lowering your knees to your mat and rolling back into extended child’s pose.


Remain here as long as you feel you need to or you could now roll over and relax into Savasana for as long as restful. always remember to move your body as it needs and never force…


Enjoy this flow and be careful and respectful of your body and the movements that you do, you should not feel pain if you do stop and come out of the asana.

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Love to all….

Yoga Hippies


The pictures have been uploaded from the internet to give an idea of what you are doing, these images are not the property of Yoga Hippies. 

Disclaimer  this yoga routine is not intended to replace any medications that you may be on, always seek medical advice before starting a new fitness routine. This yoga sequence has been designed to bring about a healthy mental and physical state but we are not medical practitioners and this should not replace a physicians treatments or advice. Enjoy this practice within the perimeters of your bodies capabilities, we take no responsibilities for injuries that may be incurred by improper care of oneself.





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