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Vegans V’s beekeeping!

I am about to have a massive beef and know that I shall be derided, vilified and put in my place by the VEGAN community but I also know that their are vegans out there that became vegan for reasons other then stated by vegan activists. Like all things in society there is good and bad in everything and as with beekeepers and vegans the bad are the exception rather then the rule.

This is the latest issue of the Australian Vegan magazine and as everyone knows I like veganism and vegetarianism BUT, I don’t like propaganda to achieve world wide veganism or control over others thoughts.


This latest issue has some good and bad arguments as to why people should not consume honey due to its appalling treatment of bees. Well coming from a beekeeping family and obviously knowing the workings of a beekeeping farm I am here to tell you that not all that is said in this article stacks up.

Starting with the overall treatment of the bees, this article states and I quote ” honey production is factory farming” and that ” some beekeepers simply kill off the bees because it is easier and cheaper than sustaining life during winter” Well honey production can be deemed factory farming this is true as there is a large number of hives kept in an area of high quality pollen and nectar sources that helps the bees to breed numbers up and sustain a healthy disease free hive for colder months. The general beekeeper also does NOT kill hives over winter as it is most certainly not cheaper and easier than sustaining them over winter, in fact it is a lot dearer to do this as you have to replace your hives come spring with what would be inferior bees as they haven’t been cared for over the colder months.

The subject of cruelty to bees also came up early in this article saying that beekeepers clip queens wings, we use artificial insemination, gassing, smoking and the big one disease infestation and euthanasia. well let me tell you there may be some beekeepers out there that clip queens wings but it is NO different to saying that all parents beat their kids it simply is not the case, it’s NOT wide spread as artificial insemination is not needed as they stated that we have queen bees that we encourage the hives to produce their own. The Gassing statement is true and falls under the euthanasia and disease infection control and humane disposal of sick bees. The Gassing is done when a hive be it wild, native or otherwise becomes sick with diseases that can wipe out a whole apiary in short time. The bees get very sick and slowly die of starvation, raiders of the hive and dehydration ( basically it is a major gut ache that they can’t stop shitting from and slowly kills them). Would you keep an egg bound chicken alive that will die slowly and painfully, would you keep your beautiful pet dog or cat alive if they where suffering day in day out with NO chance of a cure??? NO i didn’t think so! you would euthanise them as it is kinder then letting them suffer.

Oh and I nearly forgot the whole ” clipping the queens wings so she can’t leave the hive” Guess what there is NO need as the queen if happy doesn’t want to leave the hive and as for the male bees being discarded as waste that simply is a load of bollocks as the male bees called drones are born to mate with the queen and due to the high Testosterone content move fast and furiously and then die….THIS IS THE NATURAL ORDER.

Now here we come to a big BIG BIG pile of shit….The beekeepers move bees around causing and I quote “they are also shipped around and used to work different crops in different areas” and that ” the simple truth is that honey comes from a mass produced factory farm where bees are harmed and treaded as a product for consumption….

OMG please, if the beekeeper didn’t move the bees from one crop to another how the hell would your chickpeas, lentils, fruit and veggies get pollinated….THEY WOULDN’T you know why there isn’t enough wild beens out there to do the job and now all the food you eat DEAR VEGANS IS CHEMICALLY ENGINEERED TO SELF POLLINATE.… The beekeeper is one of the hardest working animal and vegetation protectors of this world as their livelihood depends on it, do you think a beekeeper wants to see land clearing??? do you think a beekeeper wants the water polluted??? do you think a beekeeper wants the bees to become infected and die??? do you think the beekeeper only works YOUR 9-5 job???? NO NO NO NO NO they work around the clock finding suitable flowers for the bees to produce honey for the beekeeper and by proxy the population and they know what flowers will give them the pollen they need to increase hive strength ( kinda like a vaccine against disease) They need clean water so the bees don’t get sick from filthy drinking water ( just like us) they spend more hours then you can imagine away from their families trying to protect the bees from predator and doing disease checks.

The beekeeper works hand in hand with the bees and have a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial for all human kind INCLUDING VEGANS.

So heres the thing, I love veganism and vegetarianism and have been a veggie head since I was 8 and fully since 16 and appreciate everyones right to eat and enjoy the food that serves them without prejudice. What I don’t like is half cocked bullshit about what ALL beekeepers do when it is simply not true and I will ALWAYS go into bat for the ones being bullshitted about and this time I have a fabulous idea of what transpires in the beekeeping community and that like every industry there is cowboys but it is not the rule it is the EXCEPTION the same as bad parenting, animal cruelty and destruction of MICRO – ORGANISMS are the EXCEPTION…. whoops, stuffed up there the ground dwelling organisms, micro-organisms and insects don’t get a mention by vegans as that would mean that you are disturbing soil without a thought to all the soil living creatures that they are killing un- necessarily so that their plant diet can be furnished or the fact that you are actually killing plants and injuring trees ( maple syrup trees get holes dug into them so they can bleed and produce your syrup ) so that you may furnish your nutrition! Do you bless everything you eat as even plants have souls or the fact that they don’t have eyes make them the lesser species??….but I am just being silly now,  or am I???  hmmmm!



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