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Cleansing-Reset the body!

I started a body reset recently and this included removing all the things that I had used as treats over the last nine months and replaced it with smoothies, vegan/vegetarian dishes and more yoga (obviously) and the results have been fantastic, I feel amazing now and I am totally willing to continue this as my life once again…..before I go into the now though I do have to give you the past.

Firstly I believe that people can be born as vegetarians and that parents need to recognise this instead of force feeding the meat and three veg every night until further notice, and that as parents we need to LISTEN to our children and respect that they do have some idea about what is good for their own bodies ( obviously you have to take into account just plain fussy ) and nutritionally.

I was once a child that go meat and three veg and gagged my way through EVERY meal without fail except for the salads, custard and raw fruits/veg and as my mother has recently told me, I asked to be vegetarian at age 8… This would give you an idea that the food that you are serving is not serving this particular persons nutritional, health and spiritual needs.

I did ask my mother why she never let me become a vegetarian and she simply stated that “I never new how to deal with a vegetarian where I would now” I accept this as we all do our best for our families and try to give them the best start in life we possibly can.

Fast forward through my life ( I became a FULL vego from 17) until April last year (2017). I had my diet changed through medical measures, was diagnosed with long standing crohns ( which while vegetarian was fine) and ate meat, drank coke, smoked cigarettes and just about fully engaged in all junk food for the ensuing nine months.

Fast forward nine months later to January 6th 2018 and life started returning to pre-April 2017 as I began to eat, drink and yoga my way through the day. I feel GREAT again and my body thanked my by losing the 6 odd kg that I had gained, my hair started to become less strawy and my skin became clear again.

I then decided to take things a little further by doing a juice cleanse over the previous week and I know that a lot of people say they feel lethargic, headachey etc but besides a small headache I really didn’t see much of a change which leads me to conclude that my body didn’t have many toxins left in my body.

I am feeling amazing and have decided to add some vegan/vegetarian videos to our Yoga Hippies Lifestyle Channel on youtube so that others that have children and would like to add a little Vegan/Vegetarianism into their diets can enjoy simple, tasty foods that do include salt, pepper, spices and coconut oil for cooking.

Today I posted our Carrot/coconut soup that is AWESOME and a big hit with the kids and husband, which lets face it is a major test for anything you put on the table. So much so that they have asked me to cook it again even though they have had it before ( just called it soup ) and they also want PUMPKIN soup haha now I didn’t see that one coming most kids HATE, HATE, HATE pumpkin.

I am lucky that the family I have is supportive of what food I eat, drink and make and although Roger is incredibly fussy ( like Mum) he loves most things that don’t have meat, lentil, chickpea contents in them. He always has, and so do the others some (most) of the smoothies I make and this means I ALWAYS make a second and unless I have added a lot of the  Synergy ORGANIC Super Greens  they generally want lots of the smoothies made.

The reason I use the organic synergy super greens is we do live along way from town, greens in shops are not always the freshest, it carries spirulinaChlorella, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass, These four carry the natural balance of wide spectrum whole foods, are easily digested and are absorbed quickly into the body. Without going into the micro nutrients and compounds found in them ( like a salesperson) I can simply say that they are awesome for me and the kids don’t mind them in small doses.

So there you have it I feel amazing, love the energies I have, the foods great and lifes AWESOME. That has to be a great feeling in anyones point of view.


Love & Light to all

Yoga Hippies.



Hi I'am Megen Hibbins ❤️ Free spirited Hippy Mother, Writer, Travel and Homeschooling Blogger and Vlogger. I homeschool our 7,6,5,4 year old children in a natural completly of grid lifestyle while my husband Stuart works bees. I blog and vlog three days a week allowing me to be creative and live the freerange lifestyle that I advocate for all to enjoy. Join us here for weekly blogs on whatever is happening environmentally, travel, homeschooling, and everything else inbetween.

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