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Product review –REBEL GOTH WEBSITE

So I don’t usually review cloths but, as I needed some new leggings with winter coming up in Australia I decided to check out some new styles beside the usual brands and wanted to really try something different from a different type of store.

We I found what I was looking for, classy, sexy, movable and black and white. This comes with bra and leggings and are only $32.95USD Check them out at Rebel Goth How cute and awesome are they.

So I thought picking up something clothing wise online would be difficult as sizing is different everywhere but, I grabbed the medium and they fit like a glove.

rebel gotth.jpg

This website gave fabulous service, the lady that I emailed Krystina Johnson has not long taken over the business after it had been let deteriorate over a few months, from what I have seen it is an amazing store that sells a variety of products that people will love and the service is AMAZING.

Would I recommend this store to anyone and everyone…..HELL YES, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these yoga leggings and bra and can’t wait to shop further in this store.

I give this  online store a GOLD award for AWESOMENESS.





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