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Yep I am officially taking a stand,
I believe that everyone has the right to live in peace and practice their religion in whatever way they choose…I DO NOT however agree with the process of destroying a way of life so that yours becomes prominent in a society that you have come to live.

I have become feed up with the corrosion of the christian way of life that is Australia, starting with the sudden lack of christmas carols over christmas and now the removal of the word EASTER for easter eggs by CABURY …Why is it that we need to remove these things and now secretly refer to them so that we do not offend islamic culture when they have come to live in a christian country that is tolerant of all other religions, races and peoples, why is it the certain councils no longer can have ham or bacon on the menu because of a muslim in council…Why is it that AUSTRALIANS think that if we all sit quietly within our own homes and bitch and wine about the injustice and slow progression of elimination of our culture that things will get done. Why is it that the country that apparently has FREE SPEECH is now unable to speak freely on a subject that all are unhappy with.

It is time to take a STAND AUSTRALIA….Be heard don’t leave it to the few and think she’ll be right mate because it wont unless we speak up… I am boycotting CABURY this year as we believe in this house that EASTER is EASTER and should be written all over the place as it ihas been for ever in a day, it is our right as a christian country and democracy to be heard and speak up.

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