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What We eat in a day??

So it seems all the rage at the moment to discuss what we eat we eat in a day and I have been asked a lot of questions about this due to having small children, being a yoga teacher and the way we live. Well here it is front and centre!

We are not Vegan, pales or full vegetarian. I am mostly vego but don’t force anyone to follow my diet as Mine is best suited to my digestive system. 

Now the big question, what we eat in a day I will give a warning it is standard and boring…


Me….smoothie with spinach leaves, banana, Greek yogurt, berries, pepitas, chai seeds, linseeds, sunflowers and tomato.

Kids &Stuart ….cereal (weetbix) yogurt, honey…. This is whatever amount they would like usually.


Me…Corn crackers with hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers (whatever is seasonal)

Kids & Stuart…. Whatever they want me to make….bacon & egg muffins, sandwiches etc


Me and the family……whatever I decide to cook that evening and depends on how hungry everyone is ( no point cooking a roast dinner if they only want a toastie) 


I usually make hummus and have it there for whoever wants some with some homemade seed crackers or some black sesame crackers, this is added to cut carrot sticks, cucumbers, tomato slices, banana, you name it we probably have it we tend to work on seasonal eating so at the moment watermelon, pumpkin, corn, cucumbers, beans and potatoes are common.

So there you have it….I am a person that goes with what my body wants and needs and I let the family have a say in what they would like within healthy eating ranges. 

Everyone’s body is different and the most important thing about nutrition is that you listen to your body and what it needs to be at its best.



Hi I'am Megen Hibbins ❤️ Free spirited Hippy Mother, Writer, Travel and Homeschooling Blogger and Vlogger. I homeschool our 7,6,5,4 year old children in a natural completly of grid lifestyle while my husband Stuart works bees. I blog and vlog three days a week allowing me to be creative and live the freerange lifestyle that I advocate for all to enjoy. Join us here for weekly blogs on whatever is happening environmentally, travel, homeschooling, and everything else inbetween.

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