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Beekeeping – girls guide

Yep I said it, a girls guide, this simply means that I have the information from Stuart and read plenty of text and don’t have hands on experience ( unless you count the few trips working in the apiary ).

So here we go.

FACT 1. Bees are all girls except the drone that impregnats the queen so she can lay baby bees for the rest of her life.

FACT 2. Bees need both pollen and nectar

FACT 3. All newly laid eggs in the hive are fed Royal Jelly for the first few days.

FACT 4. Pollination of plants is achieved when the bee pops in and out of the flower .

FACT 5. The pollen attaches to the bee in what are called pollen sacks on the back legs

FACT 6. The honey bee is responsible for over 80% of pollination worldwide.

FACT 7. Eggs chosen by the queen will be feed royal jelly and emerge as young queens 16 days later.

FACT 8. Royal jelly is a milky substance produced by the nursing bees

FACT 9. Once the baby queens emerge they leave the hive and mate with a drone and make a new hive.

FACT 10. Worker bees ( all female ) have multiple jobs and emerge after 21 incubation ( kinda like baby chicks).

FACT 11. A hive consists of between 60-80 thousand bees ( jus a few hey)

FACT 12. Equipment needed for the basics

  • Hive
  • Hive tool ( thing that lifts frames)
  • Smoker ( pine needles go in, light with matches, smoke comes out when squeezed, ( kinda like a bellow))
  • Beekeepers veil, ( Stuart wheres a cricket hat with veil over top)
  • Beekeeping suit ( he doesn’t where this but I did)
  • Beekeeping gloves ( eh only if you like your hands the way the are)
  • oh yeah you need bees! ( kinda defeats the purpose without them )

FACT 13. The honey you collect you can eat and share with family and friends and enjoy that part of SELF SUFFICIENT living.

Thats my guide to beginner beekeeping….hope you enjoyed.

Have an awesome day.





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