First Flight

So there I was trying to do a better welcome video for our Patreon page , you know the type you do when you say who you are, what your doing and press the patron button as its awesome…. Well I will get back to that in a minute or so as what I filmed was SO SO SO much better.

The little finch in this video had made its first ever flight out of the nest and landed in the tomato patch, it is tiny, cute and frightened I would imagine. This little red tailed finch had flown out of the nest of the last few weeks in the grevillea bush that is highly prickled and really uncomfortable to weed in, around or underneath so they where left very much undisturbed.

Well after all the chirping we heard we have the first sight of this gorgeous little guy making his inaugural flight and mums hoping around in pride and a little freaked out.

Enjoy the video…. And if you love our blogs and videos drop by patreon and become a patron to help us as creators keep creating.

Love to all…xx

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