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Guinea Fowl

So we brought 3 young female guinea fowl on Friday last week and they have ben penned in our chicken hutch since then. I was going to release them today but, as I sat here after taking the roof off their pen researching their nutritional requirements a bit deeper I found out that instead of penning for 3-7 days most people do this for up to 6 weeks and only release 1 at a time 3-7 day intervals…..OMG, I gotta run.

Just caught one and boy oh boy wasn’t that an ordeal! one ripped dress a pile of feathers and very sweaty 3 minutes latter I caught and released one.

Holy S@!t who would have thought that that would be such a problem. Anyhoo job done and one is happily sitting on a rock chatting away to the penned ones about life on the outside….Do you think I will be trying to catch them and trim their wings NO WAY hoozay, they an flap and fly as much as they like in absolute freedom.

What do you think I got guinea fowl for though???? Meat, eggs, bug protection??? It was definitely bug protection as they eat all the ants, ticks and mice around ( which the latter is in the veggie patches are starting to fill up with ).

My previous neighbours had guineas over there and when they left the guinea fowl stayed with the property, this is how I learnt all about their awesome yet noisy behaviours. I also learnt that their eggs are no dis-similar to chicken eggs and taste pretty much the same but, as we are getting between 5-13 eggs a day I don’t think we will be worrying about this.

I haven’t taken a picture of our 3 hens yet but this picture of the guinea fowl is awesome and a massive incentive for them around this property especially since we have brown and black snakes visit a bit over the hotter season.





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