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Twining tea, yeah I know why am I writing a review on tea??? Well it isn’t that I drink a lot but, I do like certain teas of the herbal varieties and this brand just happens to make a few nice blends….when I say a few hey actually make four in this brand and I have now tried them all.

Ok so let’s look at them individually you have the sleep, digest, defence and detox. Firstly the sleep, this is a mild camomile flavour (and I do mean mild) with undertones of orange blossom and a touch of honey. I mention this one first as it is the least favourite of the lot as it is so mild that I feel like I am drinking hot water with a mild taste.

Next is the digest,  peppermint, liquorice and lemon balm. The lemon balm is the over powering taste in this on but due to the ingredients I find that a week of drinking it does show a difference and since I have Chrones disease I do actually notice what goes through me.

The defence and detox are both my favourites the defence has orange, ginger and cinnamon and the top taste is defiantly the ginger with its bite and the back taste is the cinnamon that hits the back of the throat nicely leaving a lovely refreshing taste I the mouth. The detox has sweet fennel, lemongrass and verbena in it with the lemongrass being the top note and the verbena just outwaying the fennel which leaves a gentle aniseed taste at the back of the throat.

I have tried each of these over a week at a time with only my morning coffees to come between us and have found that I will continue to purchase them except the sleep which I will find a better camomile flavour for this.

Would I recommend this product?? Yes, defiantly if you like herbal tea these are a lovely alternative to the standard brands.

I give this the Yoga Hippy Gold Award. 

Love to all




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