Self sufficient living- Veggies, Bees, Yoga Chickens & Goats

So we have always kept chickens on our property but we haven’t exactly kept them for more then eggs and we didn’t exactly keep a rooster for them to feel centered. Now we have got a gorgeous Arakuna X bantum rooster and 17 extra chicks and where thinking about separating our lovely old hen and the young one she’s tought to eat eggs.

Now, the above was an idea but now it isn’t a reality as we decided to build new nest boxes with some being higher then the others so that if she decides to still eat eggs she can only get hers as she can’t get to the higher boxes. That done we will get at least 10 out of 17 chicks as layers and the rest will be cockerels and allowed to grow into roosters and perform their duty with the neighbourhoods chickens.

So that all took place on the over the last month, This week we are busily putting up our new paddock for milking goats . The goats we have chosen are a cross between Saanan and Nubian and will give us the milk we need for the little kids we have along with their own. The nannies will become breeders for our line of meat goats (Boer) that we will cross to increase the height and stockiness of the X breed milkers.

We are getting the goats to increase the self sufficiency of the family, add a friendly less noisy law mower to the household, teach the children about livestock, and for their milk and families meat. I also intend to breed them for the domestic market if the project works out and let other families that want to live a self sufficient lifestyle add these wonderful and gentle family members to their lives.

Goats are going to be really important for our self sufficient life as they give us the most important NON plant based food source for the growing family so heres hoping that it all works out fantastic.

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When you produce your own, you cook and eat your own…..totally awesome. 🙂


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