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New solar system

Our solar system crapped out so it’s time for a new one and as we are totally off grid kinda emergency don’t ya think! I do otherwise we will be spending loads of money running a generator that clacks away morning, noon and night, annoyed much!.

So today’s job was borrowing our ever suffering neighbours bobcat and tractor plus and extra set of hands to remove these 3000kg batteries (12 in total) not a mean feat since they where in a brick shed with a slight boggy problem at the front door that bogged the bobcat on the first battery.

Inevitably they where all removed down to the front gate ready for the solar guys to bring pallets and shrink wrap for pick up the nested day.

Today’s job, load the batteries onto the truck with the tractor. ( not as easy as it sounds) tractors are no forklift, less movement, less turning more bulky.

So job done and filmed some of it as it happened.

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