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Product review 003: Asana Rebel APP

I have been using this app at home for a little extra guidance in my yoga practice. I love the ladies voice, her demeanour, her flow and the general setup of the app.

As a yoga teacher I like to challenge myself a little to get better at what I love, I love to have some variety in my own practice and having someone that has personality as well as diversity is a must.

Do I find this app has diversity? Unfortunately, this app definitely doesn’t have the diversity of asanas that I am looking for, she has a couple dozen different classes that range from 5 minutes for the busy person up to 32 minutes for those that have a bit more time. This is fantastic, but as I have made my way through most and they all carry the similar asana layout it gets a little dull.

Do I think that it worth the cost? Well I paid $75 for 6 months as a trial to see if it would work for me and I definitely want get the use out of my money that is for sure. Saying that though it definitely isn’t over price, in fact I think it is really reasonable and would definitely recommend it for this reason. On the upside as well they have 2-3 classes that you can access for free once the app is downloaded.

What downsides have I spotted? Definitely an app that you need to know your limitations on, at any rate I think everyone should take responsibility for their bodies and their own limits instead of being sue happy. Be aware of any injuries, weaknesses, high/low blood pressure etc before taking on new practice and a good rule of thumb is to seek medical advice from you physician before starting a new exercise program.

Would I recommend this to people? Yes and No, this is because I wouldn’t recommend to just anybody, I would recommend to those that I know would benefit from a easy going yoga class that was not to overwhelming and time effective. alongside this if I new a person had an injury I wouldn’t recommend it to them.

checkout Asana Rebel on Facebook or at the App Store for more information.

Here is the link for their website.

Give this ago if you are looking for a user friendly app that gives a nice friendly and calm atmosphere.

I give this app the SILVER ” yoga Hippy” award 🥈

It definitely isn’t a fail but it is also not blowing my mind either.

Let me know your opinion 😊



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