BOOKCLUB 001: Buddhism for mothers.

This book by Sarah Napthali is an amazing read for every mother(father) that has struggled with children’s temperamental behaviour.

This isn’t a new book on the market, nor is it flashy with cute pictures of Buddhist monks, Buddha statues or scenic views. Instead it is full with wise words that resonated with me whilst I was raising my now 18 year old autistic (Aspergers) son as a single mother many years ago.

I turned to this book to try and help me be a calmer, more relaxed and understanding mother, instead I found a whole new way of parenting that has seen me utilise the skills with my 4 little children now.

Sarah Napthali, wrote this book in 2003 and it teaches a “calm approach to caring for yourself and your children” it gives emotional support throw funny stories of her own history and creates a reassurance that you are a great mother and you can be a real role model to your children without having ego, temper or judgement come into it.

This book takes the view that parents can be present, by attentive listening, watching and interacting with them. Through this we create a lasting bond that carries us forward with love and respect.

Motherhood is challenging, difficult and full of expert advice from everyone else about the ways that we could improve, yet with this book I found NO judgement only support and with the implementation of practices within this book I became a calmer more inclusive mother instead of the old view of “I’m to busy just wait” or the “I’ll be there in a minute” ” can’t you do something else” or the very mother comment of “uh ha, ok , cool, ” meaning “I didn’t hear a thing you said but at least your quiet now.

This definitely get the platinum ๐Ÿ’ yoga hippy award and encourage all mothers to give it a go.

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