Best 5 lower back yoga poses

The lower back is one area that a lot-most people suffer from pain at some point in their lives, can this be avoided or relieved by yoga? the answer is definitely yes, in fact strengthening the lower back region will help to avoid the issue in the future. Lower back pain can range from very debilitating to mild discomfort and can cause mood changes and even depression in people. So what yoga poses are good to practice as little as 2-3 times a week? and can yoga give the release and preventative care we are all looking for? it most certainly can.

The number one asana I would start anyone on is the cat-cow combination.

Going from this into the downward dog

Rolling into the sphinx

Coming back into downward dog

The slowly coming down to knees

Roll over onto back and come into thread the needle

Lastly going into the supine (laying) twist.

Once you have completed these stretch out nice and long and bring yourself into savasana and relax for as long as you would like.


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