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001. A Bit Hippy- Product Review.

I am a passionate, anti-chemical living advocate so when I find products that fit the description of natural, vegan and healthy for the family I can’t help but try. I don’t usually review products I have only used once or twice they have to become constant staples within my family life. This means that affordability, child friendly, natural, healthy, smells amazing and presents nicely if possible.

The product that I have now been using for over 8 months now is amazing and as a retired hairdresser I can be VERY pedantic about how my hair and that of my family ( also friends get pestered) feels, looks and moves. This product covers all this with its natural, vegan ingredients.

The A bit hippy range is Australian and an offshoot of the wildly popular Moogoo range but the difference is it is fun, smells great and really works and does what it says without ski, hair, scalp irritation.

I am using the ditch in the itches shampoo, scalp loving conditioner, flake fairy(exfoliation) , rose hip facial cleanser, pollutant protecting dew(face most), don’t act your age face cream, radiator reflector (sunscreen). These are the ones that we use daily and I have tried the eczema an psoriasis cream which I am sure will be good for someone with these skin problems, the rice and fresh body wash, and the baby bubbles. Both these products are great but with a large family I prefer to use something that works for the whole not the singular so I use hemp and red clay soap.

Each of these products have been awesome for every single person in the family with skin and hair ranging from oily (me) to dry (Hibbo).  The hemp soap doesn’t dry the skin an leaves a fresh fragrance that is natural and not at all like others that leave the chemical smell, the shampoo doesn’t leave any build up on the scalp and also doesn’t leave that dried out feeling that you get after shampooing normally, the conditioner hasn’t left that oily build up that is customary and instead leaves the hair soft, silky and smooth even on oily hair like mine, I hadn’t used conditioner in years only leave in. I am totally in love with the flake fairy, it did however take a little practice to work out the correct way to use it as it’s in powder form but, after the L plates came off the results have been awesome. Unfortunately I can’t say the same.for the rose hip face was, for me I have to mix it with the flake fairy to get the best out of it but saying that my skin is oily and therefore an oil based cleanser is not ideal for me. The face cream is fabulous, soaks in doesn’t leave your skin feeling oiler or greasy but instead relaxed and smooth and once I added the facial mist the effect really was smoothing and made the facial pores smaller so I was stocked. The sunscreen is like all natural zinc products, they have to be applied before sun exposure at least 30 minutes so it soaks in properly and performs at its best. This has been great on my children and even Hibbo has used it and he really hates sunscreen.

So overall I can’t help but give this product the Yoga Hippy Award as its natural, vegan, smells amazing, is great for the whole family even baby, is affordable for a large family like mine, comes in decent sizes and looks great as a package.

To check them out go to their website A Bit Hippy and have a look for yourself. My top picks are Shampoo, conditioner, flake fairy, hemp soap, don’t act your age face cream.  And if your after a sunscreen defiantly give theirs ago as I have used it on Gypsy and the other kids and had no reactions.  This article is not paid or sanctioned by the A Bit Hippy range, This article has been written so others may enjoy and amazing product that is natural, healthy and beautiful. Let me know what you think of these products when you try them.

A Bit Hippy



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