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How do bees make honey and wax?

Firstly bees make honey as a food source and they need pollen to breed and wax is a by products of their production in our terms but the truth is a lot deeper.

Bees start making Honey by visiting flowers which of cause we all understand, the sweet juice they collect is called nectar which they suck out of the flower using their tongues. This is where it gets amazing, they now have the nectar they have collected stored in what they call their honey stomach which when they are full they take bake to the hive, regurgitate into the cells especially made for the honey storage and here it becomes honey 🍯 how cool is that!

strong>Can bees make as much wax as they do honey? < strong>Hmm 😒 this is the part that people don’t realise, ready for the facts?

The sugar content of the honey gets converted into wax, how you ask! Well the glands of the worker bees ( all female crew) convert it by having it ooze through the bees small pores which produces tiny flakes of wax on the abdomen of the bee.The workers chew and chew and chew these pieces of wax until they become soft and easy to mould. After all the squeezing, chewing and moulding they use the chewed up wax in the construction of the honeycomb that we all associate bees with. How amazing is that? Ok, so know that you know the in and out of honey and wax production how much honey is needed to produce wax? This is a great and really important question as a lot of people talk about wanting Naturally produced candles and wax products but have a major problem with the price of the fantastic products that come from our bees.The truth is for the little be to produce wax they must consume a whopping 3.9kg for just .5kg of wax. Bet your thinking that it’s not bad value now considering caviar is dearer per kg. So the truth is that the bees and their handlers ( beekeepers) are really really valuable members of society and without them we would be in major problems. So let’s get behind the production and protection of our beekeepers as they help these little guys produce the liquid gold you love SO much.



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