Destruction of the beekeepers way of life. 

Loggers are a pain as they really see only the trees that they wish to harvest and not the destruction or the aftermath of their actions that they see.

On a trip to choke out beesites with the honey man this is what we found in our area,  not only had the ripped and torn all over the place by, they had left all this mess in the are. The Honey man had asked them specifically to leave his beesites clean as they had found them but instead this is what he got. Is it right to disrespect someone’s wishes? Is it right for the person tha pays thousands of dollars to play bees here to be treated in such a fashion?

Well according to our wonderful forestry department it is, in fact they believe that deforestry is far more important and far more profitable then beekeepers pollinating and protecting the areas they work in.
Below are a number of pictures from this area that I took. Am I disappointed? Am I surprised by this bloody minded attitude? No to both as this is typical of the government Departments that control the Australian publication thought, words and deeds. Do I expect Australians to respond to this as a population? Again, no as we say we are a free speech country but this is only the case if we first have filled in the appropriate paperwork and past all regulations before we proceed to giving our opinions.



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