Would you abuse a yoga teacher?

In a restaurant, bar, club, hotel, gym, health club etc you have a right to refuse custom to some people unless it is on religion, race, or disability! So why is it that we expect and demand that yoga teachers, massage therapist, and natural therapist accept unequivocally those that come into our space? Why is it that when we see a person that is ill mannered, rude, abusive or a repeat bad mouthing person that we are ostrosized for refusing entry? Is it really wrong and egotistical to refuse to serve someone in our line of work?

The thing is if you get drunk and abusive at the pub, restaurant etc you can be cut off and asked to leave the premises. If you are a massage therapist that works for an organisation you can complain and have that person that grabbed you banned, but if you work for yourself and tell the person that their behaviour is offensive and that they are not allowed back unless they change you are ridiculed as being egotistical, to good for some people, overly picky and just plain and simple not zen. Is it right to assume that we are to accept bad behaviour from others if we teach something that is spiritually based, do we really have to continually put our own moral observances aside for this? 

I have had teachers tell me stories of classes where students behaved sexually even after being asked to stop, not just men women too, I have been told how they have been sworn at due to someone going beyond their capabilities despite being told to stop, I have recently been told about a teacher that was physically and verbally assaulted by a private client. This assault left her stressed and unable to do private lessons for a good while.

These are all very real things that can happen as a teacher of yoga, not common in our line of work but, real none the less. Myself, I haven’t had any of this, I do however choose to focus mainly on female classes this lead to being called a femisinist and covinist but, once I explained my reasoning the person understood why. It wasn’t that I have a problem with men, just simply women train and express themselves differently to men and some women find it a little daunting to have male class members.

I like to give everyone a go, I like to teach yoga, I love to learn from those that I meet at each and every class, and I love to be safe and nurtured in the environment I’m in.  I would, will but haven’t had to refuse classes to anyone yet but compared to others my journey is still young. All I can ask is that each and every person please show respect for those around you and if you wouldn’t like it done to you, your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparents then think before you do it to us.

Stay safe and beautiful everyone.




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