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The day I got unfriended on Facebook!

So I have this “friend” or so I thought until I went to send her a message to see how she was doing, I had a message come up saying she wasn’t taking messages right now, so off I trotted to her Facebook page to get her number and low and behold found out that I had been unfriended. Well this was a surprise as I have only been unfriended by a relative before never a so called friend. Did I know that I thought she was a friend and she didn’t think the same despite talking to me constantly about her problems, travels, house sales, earnings and courses she was doing? No I definitely  saw her as a friend and loved her keeping me posted about her travels and relationship stuff. 

So what is this movement where people unfriend you but can’t tell you? What is it that people find so difficult to communicate? If I have a issue with someone that is supposed to be a friend (or relative) I don’t use social media as a way of disconnecting, and I also pick up the phone and call them instead of using a messenger device. 

So many people connect with people these days through social media, when they meet someone in the street, at a yoga day, shopping, at a restaurant etc they assume the best way to stay in contact is to go through Facebook. This particular lady and I meet a a yoga day and she contacted me constantly and we became close accauintances and we talked back and forth as she went through some pretty dramatic life events. We became contacts on Facebook and I still contacted her both by phone and on messenger, she is an extraordinary lady that has lead a interesting life.

So why the sudden disconnect? Why the sudden unfriend? What has changed that I haven’t see? Should I confront her and ask? Should I leave it alone? 

My response will be the same as always, just leave it alone as she has been the one to disconnect not me and if she wishes to speak to me again I will be the same as always, this is the way I handled the relative and I will handle any in the future, but this doesn’t cure the curiosity that surrounds this type of behaviour and I am sure that the person would be curious, vexed or just plain annoyed if the boot was on the other foot.

So the big question for everyone out there is  HAVE YOU BEEN UNFRIENDED or HAVE YOU UNFRIENDED SOMEONE? why all us curious by nature would love to know the dynamics of this behaviour so let’s us know.

Smile the world needs brightening up. 😄



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