Do yoga teachers have to always be happy?

Lately I have been feeling a little testy and I could blame it on the moon cycle as we are about to have a full moon, I could also blame it on nerves, but is it either, or am I just being cranky?

I can't say I get overwhelmed or over emotional easily I am usually quiet laid back but, over the last week or two I can't say this is the case.

Do we as yoga teachers have the right to pretend that all is great? Do we have to just be happy all the time? I can't see how portraying something that is fake and unauthentic could be good for anyone especially me.

To portray the reality of life as it affects me I believe is good as long as I don't cause emotional problems for others. People believe that yoga teachers are always calm, relaxed and totally zen, so is it good to continue the illusion despite the reality?

I have had it said more then once in my life someone say OMG it's so good to see your human. This is due to my endless energies and I'm generally unaffected by stuff, so when "stuff" does affect me am I to hide it behind the big smile?

I am a strong believer and supporter for keeping it real in life and that is sharing the ups and downs and drawing of life's experiences to help and teach others but also to learn from others that have been through things that they wish to share. Now I am not talking about the person that is never satisfied but, the person that is just in a point of life that is in need of a little inspiration, encouragement, compassion and just general respect.

When we listen we learn and as I got told many many years ago "we have two ear so should listen twice as much as we talk" but unfortunately so many people talk far more than they listen and as my brother once said " people listen to respond they don't listen to hear" and boy was he right.


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