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Femininity V’s Feminism

There is a lot to be said for the female body, hair, face, natural beauty and the belief that we have to measure up to societies views. Is this belief the natural way of female progress OR is it the natural place for the goddess that has lost her way? 

Is today’s women, girl, sister, mother controlled mindlessly by expectations or, does she truely believe that acting different to her true self the best way to get recognition?

Can you honestly say that you are happy with 100% of you? Is the reason that you are dissatisfied due to the reflection in the mirror? 

Your not alone this is basically the entire population of women worldwide. Disappointing, depressing and dissatisfying is what this is, not to mention really bad for us all.

Now that we have established that we are dissatisfied with what we see let’s look at why! The reason is that we look into those god damned mirrors and start to think that everything about ourselves is wrong, our arses are not a peach, our bellies are shaped like an apples, our hips are pears, our boobs are saggy grapes, and we just don’t look like the embodied meant of Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Macpherson and so on and so on. So what is the Anwser to this self sabitaging behaviour? 

Well in my world that’s as simple as the apple pie and fruit bowl that we have just compared our bodies to, read the magazine and remember that the person you are viewing is actually photoshopped (think Kim Kardasian) and secondly stop looking at yourself in the mirror until you can see the beautiful women you are.

Step 1, check out that sexy shadow walking beside you.

Step 2, add some colour to your waldrobe ( think underwear, sexy underwear.) yeah I know your wandering why but we will cross that in a mini moo.

Step 3, start to see the good bits that you haven’t noticed yet, hair, eyes, mouth, feel them, touch them.

Step 4, feel feminine, not for anyone but yourself, just feel that wonderful female energy creeping in, embrace it, and surrender to it.

Step 5, write down how you feel, uncomfortable with starting, loving the change, noticing the smile that you have that you just can’t shake.

Now that we have completed this wonderful 5 step. Program, start to live this free feminine life.

Can we be feminine without being feminist? Hmm well I have my Anwser, how about you?

Yes of course you can! A feminist is someone that has to prove that she can do everything as good or better than men. femininity is the way we act, dress, behave within our lives (. Moral, standards). 

Feminist, they are the women that did help us get out of the kitchen, mines, and general drudgery. These are women that have paved the way for us to create the world of family friendly that we have. Have we gone to far now? would our for mothers approve of where we have taken feminism to in today’s society?

I am sure that they wouldn’t, infact I believe that they would be disgusted with us for merging into men instead of staying feminine and accepting ourselves for the beautiful women we are. Do we really have to go this far, Or can we stay feminine and appreciate what they did for us whilst still be able to remain in this century? The thing is women today want equal pay for equal work yet, they still ask the bloke in the next cubicle for the use of their muscle. Is this the right way to go really?

No for me if you want equal work, equal pay then do the work yourself, don’t ask for help, don’t ask them to do bits and pieces for you ( obviously this is job general not specific) . By the way girls you don’t have balls so start to embrace the fact that you are a women not a man in disguise. I know, I know you really want to give me a blast for that last comment and please feel free but, accept the fact that I am a women, mother, friend and granddaughter, great niece etc and I do value the femininity that I possess and also respect those that helped to get us where we are today, but I also would rather accept a pay cut and a mans help to lift that box then receive the exact amount of money so I wreck my body trying to achieve the impossible and prove that I have the same equipment as the blokes.

Ladies from now on try to start to see the inner goddess in you, start to appreciate the body that you have been given, start to embrace colour, sensuality, and start to cover those mirrors, remove media from your zone that makes you feel horrid and really work on the finding of your beautiful feminine self.

You are beautiful, your are feminine and you are the best person in your life once you embrace self as there is nothing more sexy then a comfident women that ouzes sensuality. The best thing is you can do it all for yourself and not care what anyone else thinks as they aren’t in your body so it’s all about you.

be fearless, can you be feminine today?

First the Goddess in the sunlight of heaven, then the domestic Goddess sanding the wall ready for painting, both make me feel feminine and I am proud of the way I look. Time for you to embrace the beautiful Gooddess in yourself.

Yoga Hippy of Naturally fit Bodies



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